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  1. Hello Benjamin, Robo-advisors are intelligent financial programs that create and maintain your investment portfolio. You’re required to fill a form highlighting your risk tolerance and financial requirements. Needless to say, robo-advisors will make you money in all market types. The popularity of these platforms can be attributed to their minimal costs. First off, they charge less than financial advisors. Likewise, they don’t demand high starting balances. Not forgetting the numerous financial instruments available to users. Apart from index funds, robo-advisors allow otherwise high-cost assets like real estate and labor savings. They’re also accessible via phone and web applications. Although the systems are automated, humans are involved in programming the software’s decisions and answering client queries. Check the robo-advisor’s background to ensure no complaints have been raised against them with regulatory bodies. Since they’re also prone to market risks, some investments may fail.
  2. Hi, With investors currently ditching stocks for cryptocurrencies, there’s a need to identify the most profitable coins for long-term wealth-creation. Below I discuss the best six cryptos for long-term investment. Take the example of Bitcoin. Introduced in 2009, it has stood the test of time to become the most popular cryptocurrency. In addition to being accepted in most countries, major businesses like Microsoft have embraced its use. Ethereum comes a close second. Aside from being a virtual currency, Ethereum’s open-source structure boasts of smart contract capabilities that can be integrated into different fields. Binance coin is another cryptocurrency to watch. Backed by its Binance marketplace, it offers subsidized fees and high trading volumes. Ripple is also ideal for your portfolio. It delivers fast transactions, stability, and reduced fees. Its popularity among banks also increases its credibility. Not forgetting Litecoin that provides unmatched block-processing rates. This is enhanced by its Segregated Witness update that also slashes fees. Stellar cannot go without mention. With its smart contract protocols, the service has collaborated with industry giants like KlickEx and IBM.
  3. It’s easy to confuse ETFs with mutual and index funds because of the mix of assets in their structures. However, they have key distinctions. First off, a mutual fund includes various assets like bonds and stocks under the management of a financial company for a fee. Through a technique called active management, the custodian picks the most promising stocks using analytical research, personal judgment, and forecasts. When it comes to index funds, the portfolio manager chooses all the shares in a category as opposed to the ones expected to do well. In contrast, ETFs are posted on an exchange instead of being sold by fund agencies. A brokerage account is necessary to trade the shares. Like stocks, you’re subject to brokerage fees per transaction. Think of ETFs as an index fund subgroup and index funds a subgroup of mutual funds.
  4. Hi Benamin, At any given time, no one knows how the market will behave. Regardless of solid spread betting strategies that correctly forecast market treads, figuring unexpected events is hard. So is preparing for its impact on your trade. A stop loss comes handy in two different ways. It locks in profits. A simple stop order assists in reducing loses on your spread bet. That is when an underlying market has moved against your position. The goal is working out an opportune position to place a stop. This is one enhancing chances for money making at the lowest risk. They let you avoid choking a trade with tight stop losses triggered by normal intra-day volatility. It allows you move a stop loss further from an opening level, preventing a trigger. Finally, it lets you stop excessive risk relative to a small profit potential. Hope this made it clear.
  5. Hello, AMC shares rose in May this year following acquisition rumors by Amazon. Needless to say, the buyout will attract movie enthusiasts into Amazon Prime’s ecosystem thanks to AMC’s acclaim in the entertainment industry. Amazon will be able to run film screening including individual programming. This is not the first time the theater heavyweight is being bought. Back in 2012, Chinese multinational Dalian Wanda got it for $2.6 billion. During this partnership, AMC not only paid £920 million for London-based Odeon Cinemas but also $1.1 billion for America’s Carmike Cinemas. Although $600 million of its shares were repurchased in 2018, AMC net debt last year stood at $4.7 billion. As such, the company’s credit ratings may hinder its acquisition. The fact that Coronavirus has emptied movie theaters makes it even harder for AMC shareholders to accept an all-cash deal. Though the takeover could materialize, investors should be wary of AMC stock. The shares may continue dipping if Amazon doesn’t step in.
  6. Hi Curtis, VWAP refers to a trading standard that relies on a security’s value and volume to calculate its daily average. Being a day-trading signal, the VWAP won’t appear on daily, weekly, or monthly charts. While values under the VWAP indicate cheap securities, prices above it show expensive assets on intraday grounds. As such, you can achieve a longer daily position by purchasing the dips. By considering it a brief moving average, the VWAP lets you use price breakout to gauge the market momentum and know where it’s headed. Some investors use candlestick diagrams and technical analysis to notify them of a breakout. The point where short-term prices intersect with the VWAP is also a breakout prompt. Even so, you can use both methods concurrently for accurate results.
  7. Hi Brian, Like other instruments, a spread indicates the difference between an asset’s buy and bid values in CFD trading. The difference in the underlying cost should exceed the spread amount for you to make a profit. Tighter spreads present benefits such as minimal trading costs and less volatile markets. eToro is one of the brokers you should consider. The company offers 1 pip for AUD/USD instruments. Australian-founded IC Markets also averages 0.1 pips for popular instruments. Likewise, Israel-based Plus500 offers 0.1 pips for EUR/USD pairs earning it a spot in the LSE. Not forgetting UK’s Darwinex that registers 0.2-0.3 pips for EUR/USD pairs. Although high-impact news may widen the CFD spreads when the market is closing, they remain low most of the time.
  8. The first time the banks intervened in cryptocurrencies was to warn users against uncontrolled private money. However, banks have since accepted cryptocurrencies to the extent of wanting to create their own. But is the enthusiasm justified? Possible Reasons In addition to accelerating payments, central banks plan to use virtual currencies to counter private-sector alternatives such as Facebook’s Libra. Security is also another reason. Suppose several banks choose a cryptocurrency for transfers among themselves. Since they’re not part of the loop, a hacker will not be able to access the funds. Who to Watch China is expected to add a digital Yuan to its financial infrastructure. The BoE is also working on a similar currency inspired by Bitcoin. Not forgetting the RBA’s research on a virtual Australian dollar. When it comes to private banks, J.P. Morgan hinted at its virtual coin last year in February. Dubbed JPM Coin, the cryptocurrency will facilitate transactions between institutional customers.
  9. Hi, Although some businesses accept crypto payments, not many would choose this currency over fiat money. Not to rule out the possibility of a total crypto takeover. In its past Imagine 2030 statement, industry giant Deutsche Bank highlights the need for anonymity and dematerialized monetary systems as some of the reasons behind digital currency adoption. Major Hurdles Mainstream acceptance doesn’t come without challenges. For starters, volatility undermines the role of cryptocurrency as a mode of exchange. Though fiat money is also affected by inflation, it takes a while for market participants to feel the effects. Similarly, a virtual coin may be unreliable for storing value if its blockchain rules are compromised. Likely Contestants Owing to the flooded digital market, only a few coins stand the chance of large-scale adoption. Bitcoin, for instance, has a huge potential thanks to its ATMs and integration into the payment systems of major corporations like Microsoft and Playboy. Altcoins like Ethereum and Litecoin also have potential considering their popularity and early entrance into the crypto scene.
  10. Hi Peter, Slack has gained popularity following the Coronavirus pandemic that has changed working patterns the world over. With minimal human interaction, businesses and schools are using this messaging site to stay connected. The platform is even replacing emails thanks to its real-time communication capabilities. But what does this mean to potential investors? Major Collaborations Earlier this year, the company added ride-hailing service Uber to the list of paying clients, a move that gave Slack 38,000 users. This was weeks after tech giant IBM came on board with 350,000 of its workers after using Slack with a part of its internal team from 2014. Despite the collaborations, the company still faces competition from rivals. As of October last year, Slack hit the 12 million mark for daily users. However, it was still behind Microsoft Teams that recorded above 20 million users every day by November the same year. Are Slack Shares Worth It? Slack stock has risen by more than 100% since March this year, the competition notwithstanding. Even so, the organization’s boss Stewart Butterfield acknowledges the site can do with some improvement. With the organization’s Q1 2020 earnings statement expected on June 4, investors will be able to make an informed decision.
  11. Hi Philip, The United States of America has been hit by protests for almost a week now. The protests presented corporate America with an opportunity to show support to their shareholders, employees, and clients by siding with their course. The result was a boom for funds flowing into environmental, social, and governance ETFs. In order to attain an elementary understanding of how the unrest relates to an ESG ETF boom, one has to note the strong convictions that go into issues relating to governance. ESG ETFs incorporate such considerations into their decisions on investments. In addition, certain areas, such as hiring procedures, rest on diversity, and play a leading role in what ESG ETFs assist in capturing. This is an excellent opportunity for corporates and traders to approve top corporate values by going into ESG ETFs. Over the years, little over $20 billion was invested in ESG ETFs within the US. This is a comparatively low figure. Numerous ETF financial advisors had shown some interest in ESGs but had done little in investment commitment. With the unrests, corporations have a chance to survive much better should they show a significant commitment to internalizing standards resting on ESG issues. Self-directed investors will have more commitment to ESGs, and so will advisors, since their clients will now demand that they do so. There are numerous options in the market in the form of ESG EFTs. ETF variety presents investors with plenty of opportunities to show their commitment to ESG values by putting their money where their values lie. ESG ETFs and the weekend restlessness in mind, and given the amount of money invested in the S&P 500, among other areas, ETF traders have a broader variety in the market. Many of them allow for enhanced portfolios, and now among them rises the ESG ETF.
  12. I would like to know what are stablecoins in cryptocurrencies.
  13. What are candlestick patterns in trading?
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