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  1. Outline the steps can you recommend for a beginner who wants to buy Shares.
  2. Outline some of the most common mistakes I should be aware of as a day trading Beginner.
  3. Njau

    What is a Bid?

    Explain what is a bid.
  4. Explain what currency pairs are.
  5. Njau

    How can I hedge ETF?

    Help me understand how I can hedge ETF.
  6. Outline the pros and cons of pink sheets.
  7. Outline the advantages I will get for investing in bond ETF.
  8. Help me understand why should I not invest in bond ETF?
  9. Njau

    What are bond ETF?

    Explain to me what are bond ETF.
  10. Njau

    What is sector CFD?

    Help me understand what is sector CFD.
  11. Help me understand if it is possible to use scalping in CFD?
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