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  1. Outline the difference between the Bitcoin and Ripple.
  2. Outline the advantages of investing in a hedge fund.
  3. Outline the disadvantages of hedge funds ETF.
  4. Explain the mechanical trading in CFD.
  5. Explain to me what is speculating in CFD.
  6. Explain the discretionary trading strategy in CFD.
  7. Explain to me which are the best cryptocurrencies with regard to market capitalization.
  8. Explain about the thinly traded securities.
  9. Help me understand this, please.
  10. Explain to me what pink sheets are.
  11. Jeff

    What is an Exchange?

    Explain to me what an exchange is.
  12. Help me understand the terms used in social trading.
  13. Outline the ways social trading has changed the community.
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