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    Hi Samir, Theta’s coins, THETA and TFUEL are trending sideways at the moment. Both coins surged following the rollout of the project’s mainnet 2.0 in May. Meanwhile, the ties between the crypto and gaming industry continue to make progress as one more partnership was announced between the eSports platform Theta and South Korean social gaming platform Ludena Protocol. The users of the two platforms will now receive awards for streaming and watching the content. Mitch Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Theta Labs, thinks the two companies are “ideal partners”. Moreover, the deal will also bring the first rollout of Theta’s new Android project - Live Mobile Embed, which will allow users to stream Theta TV on their Android smartphones.
  2. Hello Smith, Nobody wants to deal with the challenges in the bear market, however, there are certain strategies you can employ in case this happens. The most important thing is to stay calm. To be more specific, don’t make sudden moves because you can’t fight the bear market on your own. A good plan to employ during a falling market is placing a large part of your portfolio in money market securities like certificates of deposit, U.S. treasury bills and other instruments that involve high liquidity and short maturities. Another strategy you’d want to consider is portfolio diversification. Make sure a part of your portfolio is distributed among stocks, bonds, cash, and other assets. Also, never invest more than you can afford during the falling market as they can be highly destructive. Hope that helped.
  3. Hi Mary, Yes, day trading cryptocurrencies is possible and as a matter of fact, it’s becoming more and more popular. This is mostly because high volatility and trading volumes in the crypto market suits day trading quite well. Day trading digital currencies is mostly about speculating on the price of the coin, instead of actually owning it. That’s why brokers that offer forex and CFDs are a great place to start for novice traders, as opposed to purchasing cryptocurrencies on a crypto exchange. However, choosing a crypto platform to conduct day trading is a very important decision. Make sure you read the reviews before choosing a platform. Coinbase is probably the most trustworthy crypto exchange, followed by Bittrex, CEX.IO, Coinmama and more.
  4. Hello Michael, When it comes to mobile banking, the combination 5G and blockchain will likely change the game. While blockchain can play a major role in securing mobile banking networks, 5G can ensure these complex networks don’t come under too much pressure from the weight of blockchains. In case crypto networks manage to offer payment solutions to these communities, it will represent a large step forward for unbanked and underbanked people. Such a development could be the first phase of additional changes that the developing countries need, including providing reliable access to electricity and high-end internet, as well as cut transaction fees and mitigate economic volatility. It will also help reduce government corruption. If that’s all 5G ends up doing, it may be a greater leap forward than what has already been envisioned and promised by all those in the mobile industry.
  5. Hello Danny, You can certainly trade exotic currencies in Forex, however, most traders prefer trading the major and minor currency pairs over exotic currencies. Exotic currencies are not widely known as most of them come from developing countries. Training exotics could turn out very profitable for investors who are okay with dealing with great risk. One of the reasons experienced investors should think about trading exotic pairs is because of their high-profit potential. A number of exotics are typically negatively correlated to the major currency pairs and because of that, they can represent great trading opportunities when the major pairs are not trending. Exotics tend to experience large swings in price, thus traders who wish to trade them should be willing to face moves that stretch thousands of pips. Therefore, trading exotic currencies can be very risky but at the same time very profitable.
  6. Hi Danny, A Contract for Difference (CFD) has no expiry date, therefore traders can hold a long or short CFD position for an indefinite period of time as long as they have the funds to hold the position. Still, there’s a rule of thumb which says that long CFD positions tend to get pricey after 4-6 weeks because impose a financing charge. That’s why it’s recommended to avoid holding a CFD position for a long period as it’s much more efficient to trade them short term. The long-term holding of CFD is something traders should consider with great caution. Hope that helped.
  7. Hello Philip, Analysts at German full-service investment bank Berenberg raised their target price on Computacenter’s stock from 1,700p to 2,450p today, saying its conviction reached all-time highs. The bank said that it’s difficult to spot a company that delivers such good results in these circumstances. Computacenter exceeded analysts expectations from the start of the year and its stock is trading on a 19x price-to-earnings ratio and delivers a nearly 7% free cash flow return. "How Computacenter trades on a 30% discount to European resellers is beyond us," said the Berenberg analysts. Berenberg renewed its ‘buy’ rating on Computacenter’s stock and said the computer company is one of the most convincing investment opportunities in that sector. The bank pointed out that Computacenter’s earnings estimates could still be 20% low. The analysts believe that traders could make a total shareholder return of 45% over the period of 12 months.
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