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  1. Hello, thank you for asking this question! Gold is becoming increasingly popular among Forex traders, as it represents a secure investment that defies inflation and outside events. Especially in times such as these, where because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many governments and their economies have suffered, and thus currency of these have lost in value. When it comes to gold trading, the same rules apply as for currencies, you choose the currency which you will pair with gold, and you are all set. Pay attention to the industrial and commercial demand for it, you need to track real interest rates, and pay attention to gold production rates. All of these bear great influence over its value and trading volume.
  2. Hello, thank you for your question! This question varies from person to person, and also depends on the level of their expertise and other factors. Let’s assume that a person is a beginner. Before thinking of investing, it is necessary to have a good financial status, without any credit card debts with high interest, or any other kind of debt. Next thing is to have an emergency fund of approximately $10,000 which will be used as compensation if some of your investments prove to be wrong and start losing value. Third, you should dedicate at least 10% of your profits to your retirement fund, and this fund should be untouchable and only available to you in your later years. Last but not least, you need to be patient, and be prepared to leave your stocks untouched for about 5-10 years, in order for them to gain value, and offer profit to your investment. It is advised to have at least 10 different types of stocks in your portfolio, which will offer increasing return rates and payout increasing dividends every single year. This is a road to a healthy and successful brokering business that will guarantee you a stable and prosperous life.
  3. Hi, thanks for asking! Equity is every investment and capital made or owned by the owners, while stocks are a way of establishing equity in a company.
  4. Hello Asktraders. Can you tell me what's the best time frame for swing trading?
  5. Where can I buy Tron cryptocurrency?
  6. Hi everyone. Can someone tell me what indicators should I use in day trading?
  7. Hello. What are the upsides and downsides of Swing Trading?
  8. Hi Volkan, thanks for asking the question. The most famous and used crypto exchange in the US is Coinbase. The exchange started operating in 2012, shortly after the rollout of first cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. Coinbase is a completely regulated and licensed exchange which has licenses to run in more than 40 U.S. states. While the crypto world has struggled with a number of shady exchanges and scams, Coinbase always remained reliable. It offers users a very user-friendly system, making it very easy to invest in cryptocurrencies, which is especially important for beginners. Not far behind in terms of popularity is another exchange Binance. It provides an option for coin-to-coin crypto trading and is one of the exchanges with very high available coin pairs and trading volumes. The biggest difference with Binance is that it doesn’t allow trading via fiat currency, which means it’s entirely crypto-based. This means that the base unit is Bitcoin, instead of USD. Binance also offers low transaction and withdrawal fees, which are discounted if the trader is owning Binance Coin (BNB). Another great crypto exchange is CEX.io, a fiat-to-crypto platform that’s great for both highly experienced traders and beginners. Experienced traders who are new to crypto trading often like CEX.io as the platform is similar to fiat currency trading platforms.
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