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  1. It is almost 2021, and this issue is not yet fixed by them. I know they are claiming that everything is ok, however trust me, it is not like that, not even close. They didn't even pay the fine that you were talking about. Even more, recently i got an email saying that someone tried to acces my account from Indonesia. That is great, ain't it?
  2. I guess the answer is related to the fact that Zuckerberg was both CEO and Chairman. And as the lady above said, they wanted him to get concentrated on running the company and trying to develop it further. And also let's not forget about all those scandals around the company and Zuckerberg's person. That is not nice at all. Again, as said above, 50 million users got their personal data revealed, also a lot of people just do not use that social network any more. So, they were thinking that they might change something like that, so also making him the scapegoat, in a way. Well that is my opinion. My friend who is a defamation lawyer working for https://www.minclaw.com/report-slander-libel-to-facebook/, thinks that the only purpose the shareholders were having, is to make Zuckerberg a scapegoat.
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