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  1. Hello, thank you for asking! 

    There are various strategies employed by Forex traders when it comes to buying and selling currency pairs. Traders usually pay attention to certain events in the outside world, such as political events (government instability, corruption, and changes in government), economic policy, unemployment figures, GDP, monetary and fiscal policies, etc., and of course technical analysis.

    Another very important thing is risk management, especially when the volatility in Forex currency pairs is high, traders utilize strategies that will prevent them from incurring heavy losses. Traders use all technical support available, keep close track of political and economic events, which ultimately dictate the price changes in Forex. 

  2. Hi, thank you for your question! 

    When getting involved in any kind of trading whether it is Forex, commodities, or shares trading, it is necessary to learn more about technical indicators in order to be successful.

    Here are some of the most popular trading indicators:

    Moving average (MA)
    Exponential moving average (EMA)
    Stochastic oscillator
    Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)
    Bollinger bands
    Relative strength index (RSI)
    Fibonacci retracement
    Ichimoku cloud
    Standard deviation
    Average directional index

    You can use these and adapt them to your goals and capabilities, which will give an optimal result and best suit your strategy.  Trading indicators are best used in combination with signals in order to confirm them and act on a specific trade.

  3. Hello, thanks for asking! 

    Position trading is characterized by a long period of staying in the market. Position traders hope that their asset will appreciate in value, hence this period usually lasts from weeks to months. These traders don’t react to the short term fluctuations in the value but care more about the long term value. Position traders usually don’t trade so often, placing on average around 10 trades a year.

    On the other side, signal traders react to signals which are gathered by analysis or signal providers. These signals can be manual (generated by humans), or automatic (generated by computers). Their positions don’t last long, as they place trades more frequently than position traders.

  4. Hello, thanks for asking! 

    Forex signals are trading indicators to Forex traders when they should place a purchase or sale, and at what price. These signals can be manual, coming from professional Forex traders that are paid to do this, or they can be automatically sent out by computers which are preprogrammed to spectate the market and send out signals when lucrative opportunities present themselves.

    These signals are beneficial to both beginner and expert traders. They help inexperienced traders to start off their trades with the right amount of money and at the right time, providing them with profit, which will help them further develop their trade. On the other side, expert traders may send out these signals for a profit.

    Signals also differ between paid and free ones, and between entry and exit signals. Entry signals give out a sign when to open a position on the Forex market, while exit signals advice on when to close this position.

  5. Hi, thanks for inquiring. 

    Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency used for settling payments. It is connected to the XRP ledger, which offers an open-source, permission less, and decentralized technology that settles payments in a time frame of 3 to 5 seconds.

    Another advantage of this platform is that it doesn’t require an intermediary, which makes the transaction process even less complicated and time-consuming.

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