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  1. In contrast, a small business like mine needs to do all it can to cut its costs and work as effectively as it can. I started using recently https://tracktime24.com in an attempt to cut down on overtime and control my employees easier as my hr is 2 people.
  2. It only makes sense that Amazon is taking over all the promising and innovating sectors of the technological world. It's part of a greedy strategy without an end and it's sad that people can not see it. They have the money and the power to do whatever they feel like at this point.
  3. Very interesting aspect when it comes to whom you want to trade for you, if you can't do it for yourself. To me a financial advisor remind me of a family office that runs together in order to turn your assets more profitable. A robot advisor on the other hand it's just an automated script that runs based on the parameters that you have set. So for me, it's much better to trade with a financial advisor as I'm not that experienced at the moment. I gave my account to this incredible team that is a family and they have grown exponentially over the last six months with great results.
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