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  1. Would some Healthcare stocks be a good investment at this time? considering they could be looking to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. Also saw something about Gilead Sciences developing one
  2. Looks like we will see Gold down again after it broke the recent trend line. I have a TP target at 1632. @Djamel Brahimi where was your sell target?
  3. Jon Steeler


    What do people think about more CADJPY downside from here after the recent retracement?
  4. Great idea! I was just looking at Gold and thinking it will definitely break 1700 in the next week or so. I usually trade 4 hour flags so was able to get in at 1650. Will hold til 1700 which is some tidy profit. Think we will see a pull back from there. Seems to be a safe haven again after last weeks weirdness. Whats your view of the next week or so Djamel?
  5. Is this 50bps rate cut a sign of the current economic downturn, will it see another sell off?
  6. What are peoples thoughts on the Euro now being a safe haven currency?
  7. What is the effect on the latest inflation data on the GBP?
  8. Jon Steeler


    What is everyones take on this pair, will it break 0.8420?
  9. Is the AUD set for a run higher?
  10. Jon Steeler


    Is Uranium, and more specifically the global x uranium etf about to shoot up? considering it is currently at such low levels. It seems to be the way with a lot of the Uranium assets right now, any information is welcomed!
  11. Jon Steeler


    Could we see a USDJPY rally? If so, to which target?
  12. Jon Steeler

    Spread bet and CFD

    What is the difference between spread bet trading and CFD trading?
  13. Jon Steeler


    Can we expect a reversal in the AUD anytime soon?
  14. Jon Steeler


    Will the BoC cut rates? and will this see a drop in the CAD?
  15. Jon Steeler


    What are the current macroeconomic risks to the markets?
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