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  1. Peter Kimani

    XRP rally

    Should I buy the recent rally in XRP?
  2. Has the stock market bottomed, and should I start buying stocks?
  3. Oil has rallied higher for the past three days, is this rally likely to keep going?
  4. Hi, I am interested in trading ETFs that track US equity markets such as SPY, how can I accomplish this?
  5. Slack shares have been doing well despite the COVID-19 pandemic, should I buy the company's stock?
  6. Is it legal to issue, distribute and hold crypto in Russia?
  7. Why is Nike stock crashing?
  8. I noticed that oil prices just bounced off the $28 level, does this mean oil has bottomed and is setting up for a rally?
  9. Given the recent sell-off in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, are cryptos still an uncorrelated asset class?
  10. Peter Kimani

    TD Ameritrade

    As a new trader, should I buy and hold TD Ameritrade stock?
  11. Qualcomm just announced a new 5G modem, will this modem be used in this year's iPhone?
  12. Have crude oil prices hit a bottom given last week's rally, and how will OPEC+ react to the coronavirus outbreak?
  13. Peter Kimani


    Why did Burberry's London shares crash today?
  14. Peter Kimani


    Should I invest in Bitcoin given its recent rally?
  15. Apple released its Q4 earnings report yesterday, what was behind the surprise earnings beat?
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