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  1. Slack shares have been doing well despite the COVID-19 pandemic, should I buy the company's stock?
  2. Is it legal to issue, distribute and hold crypto in Russia?
  3. Why is Nike stock crashing?
  4. I noticed that oil prices just bounced off the $28 level, does this mean oil has bottomed and is setting up for a rally?
  5. Given the recent sell-off in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, are cryptos still an uncorrelated asset class?
  6. As a new trader, should I buy and hold TD Ameritrade stock?
  7. Qualcomm just announced a new 5G modem, will this modem be used in this year's iPhone?
  8. Have crude oil prices hit a bottom given last week's rally, and how will OPEC+ react to the coronavirus outbreak?
  9. Peter Kimani


    Why did Burberry's London shares crash today?
  10. Peter Kimani


    Should I invest in Bitcoin given its recent rally?
  11. Apple released its Q4 earnings report yesterday, what was behind the surprise earnings beat?
  12. The euro just crashed in the early American session, why did this happen?
  13. Tesla's valuation recently topped the combined value of both Ford and GM, does this mean that it is a better car manufacturer?
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