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  1. I noticed a bit of a rebound in AMC stock, I'm wondering if I should buy it?
  2. Hi, I would love to trade gold but its price is quite high, can I trade silver instead of gold?
  3. Hi, is there a way I can profit from the many stock market limit downs witnessed recently?
  4. Will the stock market rally after yesterday's $2 trillion stimulus package deal last?
  5. I thought cryptos were uncorrelated assets, why are they selling off at the same time as stocks?
  6. Is this a good time to buy Amazon stock, given the recent dip in its stock price?
  7. James Mason

    Crypto Visa Card

    I am a fan of cryptos and event own a small portfolio, should I get a Visa card to spend my cryptos?
  8. Should I sell my stock portfolio and buy gold given the current market environment?
  9. How did Shopify perform in Q4 2019, and should I buy its stock?
  10. How is the coronavirus affecting Apple's iPhone supply chain and sales?
  11. James Mason

    Oil Rally

    Why did oil prices rally to new highs today?
  12. I want to invest in altcoins given that Bitcoin is very expensive, how can I avoid the many scam projects?
  13. Why did shares of Discover Financial Services fall today despite releasing its earnings report yesterday?
  14. Crude oil (WTI) has been falling since the start of 2020, when will it hit a bottom and start rallying again?
  15. The S&P 500 has rallied to new highs since the signing of the US-China trade deal. Should I buy the SPY(ETF) at its current value, or should I wait for a pullback?
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