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  1. Will the euro continue higher after breaking out of the 4hour trendline down?
  2. How much money can I expect to make as a newbie day trader?
  3. Should I sell AUDJPY in this market?
  4. Will EURCHF break the key 1.0620-35 level?
  5. Can we expect the GBP pricing to be choppy in the coming months due to Brexit negotiations?
  6. Why has the pair fallen so much and how much further can it go? 118 maybe?
  7. Has an interest rate cut in Canada been priced in? Does anyone think they will cut soon?
  8. Are the risks to equities from coronavirus gone now?
  9. Will the EU's attempts to weaken London's financial stronghold succeed?
  10. Is silver a risk on asset?
  11. IS the AUSUSD forming a bear flag formation on the 4 hour chart? if so would it be a good time to sell?
  12. Why has the Euro risen so much today and what are everyone's thoughts on whether it will continue?
  13. Are there any good education materials or courses for forex trading that anyone can recommend?
  14. With Gold being at the top of a range/channel, does anyone think it is due for a big sell off? possibly down to the 1400 level?
  15. Why did the GBP drop after positive data?
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