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  1. I understand trading, but what does CFD trading mean? Can anyone help?
  2. the first one i can think of is that you don't own any gold. Also some ETFs are taxed higher Finally some gold ETFs have smaller volume so you have to make sure you don't choose those as there may be a higher spread.
  3. Hi Mwangi It is a system set up using some sort of coding (I don't know the technical details), that trades for you. For example if you use a strategy where you buy when price is oversold on the RSI, you can put that coding into your system and the trading robot will execute that for you. You can also put in your SL and TP levels, so you don't need to do anything.
  4. Which is better to use in a trading strategy out of the two?
  5. Mohammed Abdullah


    Why did gold plummet?
  6. Will we see these stocks rise further even after countries stop lockdowns?
  7. Mohammed Abdullah


    How low can oil drop?
  8. Mohammed Abdullah


    Is it a good time to invest in airline stocks?
  9. Does anyone believe the recent oil developments will see the canadian dollar rise?
  10. Mohammed Abdullah


    What was the outcome of the OPEC meeting?
  11. aDoes anyone know a good site or software for tracking trading data? I am trying to backtest and see my win rate etc
  12. I want to buy stocks soon. which is the best account to hold so I can own shares? I prefer less fees endnote a spread betting one
  13. Hi Djamel. can you send that strategy here please? I want to test some for my own trading.
  14. Mohammed Abdullah


    Will oil prices break out of their range to go higher from here?
  15. Does anyone have any strategy they could show me to trade this pair?
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