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  1. Hi, I would like to know if people think CFD trading is gambling?
  2. I have been testing a few strategies for forex pairs and I want to know peoples opinions on whether they prefer swing trading or day trading? I currently have tested one strategy on 5min chart one on 30min and one on daily.
  3. Ali Farhad


    I was looking at the Disney stock price that had quite a big down day. Does anyone see this higher due to the numbers of subscribers being released?
  4. Ali Farhad


    im looking at a potential CADJPY buy. Are others in on this trade? If so do you think a 78.40 target is a good idea? where do you think is a good place to take profits
  5. Ali Farhad

    USD strength

    I feel like we will see some more USD strength soon. Is anyone looking at USDCAD or EURUSD for entries? What are peoples thoughts?
  6. What are peoples thought on this rally after the US job number release? Is it just temporary before another fall?
  7. Ali Farhad


    What happened to gold the last few days? My broker, IG gave me a 10 point spread and then said I couldn't trade it? Does anyone know?
  8. Ali Farhad


    I believe EURAUD looks good to sell, long term. Any one else thing the same?
  9. Ali Farhad


    Will the £ selloff continue?
  10. How much more of an impact does everyone think we will see?
  11. Ali Farhad


    How far do we think this pair can fall? I saw someone say they think it could end up reaching 0.50
  12. WHy is Gold selling off when it seems like we are in a risk off market? all other risk assets seem to be being bought currently? any ideas?
  13. Ali Farhad


    Will the swiss national bank weaken their currency again?
  14. Ali Farhad


    Should I look for more downside in equities given the current market environment?
  15. Hi Jon. I wasn't sure about the objectibe here but I had a google and I saw that they were able to conclude a trade deal. I guess it is good for both parties involved. Especially Japan economy.
  16. Ali Farhad


    With there being a lot of risks in the market and stocks still lower, why Is the JPY also selling off?
  17. Ali Farhad


    Will we reach new all time highs again?
  18. Ali Farhad


    Will EURUSD reach 1.05?
  19. Ali Farhad


    Why has Gold broken 1600 again? and can it stay above that level?
  20. Ali Farhad


    Will Bitcoin reach 20k again?
  21. Ali Farhad


    Is XRP set to shoot higher? I have seen a lot of forums talking about it
  22. Are spread-betting accounts liable for tax?
  23. Why does it have such a massive impact on the markets if the death rate is very low?
  24. Ali Farhad


    Isn't the USD too overvalued? why does it continue to rise?
  25. Ali Farhad

    Gold investment

    Is gold a good long term investment? Silver as well?
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