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Lawrence McOchillo

Wendy's recent performance


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Hi Lawrence, I can guess that you feel like you are missing out on the big gains other traders and investors are making in Wendy's, while the broad stock market is currently down. However, while I can't give you personalised investment advice, it is usually a bad idea to chase any stock higher as you are likely to pay way more than if you chose to wait for a pullback before buying the stock.

The investors who make the most in the stock markets are those who buy stocks when they are cheap and sell them when their prices have risen. I can assure you that even the top money mangers feel the same urge when other firms are making profits from such moves that they could have missed.

It is a well known fact that whatever goes up must come down, and this is very true for most stocks. I would suggest that you hold on to your money a little longer as you may get a better opportunity to buy the stock once this initial rally is exhausted. However, this is not a guarantee as some momentum stocks can rally for long periods.

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