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Lillian McKenna

Inovio stock trading opportunity


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Hi Lillian, I would not advice you to buy Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:INO) stock at this time given the company's recent claims that they had produced COVID-19 vaccine in three days. In fact that company is about to face a major class-action lawsuit due to its bogus claims regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine.

A law firm is suing the company for deceiving investors via its vaccine claims, which was well-documented via a public video interview. I would steer clear of this firm at the moment and focus on other biotechnology firms that are currently working on both vaccines and cures for the coronavirus.

However, you should keep in mind that many firms will not be successful in this venture given the long processes involved in developing a vaccine/cure and the clinical trials that could take years. Only a few firms have the necessary resources to create a vaccine/cure in the next few months.

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