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Is it possible to trade on the weekend?



Hello, I noted that it's possible to trade during night hours. I only thought trading was possible during day time. But now I wonder if I can still trade on the weekend. Is it allowed by The Securities and Exchange Commission? 

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Hi Moses,

Good question. Trading over the weekend is allowed, and it could actually be a very bright idea.

However, like with everything else it has its advantages and disadvantages. You would have to weigh them to decide if its ideal for you.


  • In case you work during the weekdays and are free on the weekend, you have ample time to analyze the market slowly and carefully.
  • There is potential to earn more as you trade over the weekend. Most people pause trading on Fridays, leaving the market less crowded. If your trading during the week was not profitable, you could use the weekend to make up for that.
  • You have room and time to come up with a winning trading plan as well as take advantage of the markets that perform well on the weekends.
  • The competition is low on weekends, and you have enough time to make decisions without necessarily being governed by factors like price points.


  • There is a shortage of brokers over the weekend since most view it a waste of time trading then as activity is almost at a standstill. This means if you rely on a particular broker, they may not be available for you.
  • It may turn out to be more of a hassle than you initially thought, especially if the markets you want to trade in are in different time zones. This might lead you to trade at very odd hours to match the time on their side.
  • The number of instruments at your disposal over the weekend are limited meaning there are not many options for you like during the week.
  • Due to limited instruments and low volumes experienced on weekends, the flats become flat, and the charts can be confusing. Additionally, for the same reasons, the capability to authenticate price shifts is low.


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Hello Moses, there are several misconceptions about whether one can trade during the weekend. Most people, as usual, will want this precious moment to themselves.

 Each market operates differently depending on when it seems fit for it. Some will run from Monday to Friday. Others will open 24/7 while others during the weekend. So yes. It's possible to trade on the weekend.
One advantage of operating during weekends is that you will be able to study the market in which you work well and in peace.

A trader will use this time to look for opportunities and come up with strategies to improve their trade. Also, during the weekend, there are fewer distractions; hence you will be able to concentrate better and make enhanced decisions for your business. 


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