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What measures can I put to combat volatility in a Forex market?



Hello, I have recently started to trade Forex. I'm investing money in it hoping to make profits. However, I'm afraid that the volatility of the Forex market will complicate my trading and lead to loses. Help me, please. 

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Hello Kelvin,
Forex is definitely prone to volatile conditions. Forex being a 24-hour market, you can trade at any time of the day even on the weekend when the market conditions are volatile. 
Even though volatile trading currencies may present greater opportunities, you should also adapt to such market situations.
One strategy you can use is limiting bias while trading. In volatile conditions, you are not aware of what direction the price is going. You should be willing to trade in any direction in which the price moves.
Dedicate more time to find where you will trade and less time to look for entries and placing stop losses.
Be ready to take up any new market opportunities that present themselves.
 Place your trades throughout the important economic news events. Placing your trade before the said event is one way to succeed in trading even when the markets are volatile.
You should also look at the market gaps that are there in the market, especially during the weekend, when the market closes and trade these volatilities.
Ensure you study the market well and focus on managing your risk. Take up the strategy that suits you best.

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