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How do Forex brokers make money?



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Hello Kelvin, 
Choosing a good broker in a Forex market is essential. Forex brokers will not only give you a good platform for you to place your trades, but they will also guide you in the course of your trading.
The knowledge of how Forex brokers make money will help you choose the right one for you.
While dealing with any broker, you pay so many charges; this money is what the brokers use to make their money.
The brokerage fee is the main source of income for brokers. Brokerage fees may include commissions or the spread between the offer and the asking price. Brokers mainly make money by possessing the spread charging a certain fee per turn. Some even charge for both.
Some brokers also earn by charging their clients for services they offer, such as educating them on how and when to place their trades.
Forex brokers also make money from trading platforms. The trading platforms may come with additional features that may help you make more profits. Forex traders will get money from these additional features by charging extra fees.
Other additional services such as which you may decide to pay for. These services may include getting more tradable tools, trading signals, and getting in-depth information about the market.

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