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Are CFD better than options?



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Hello Kelvin,
As an investor, you have so many fields that you can invest in. More often, you will have more than one choice, out of which you have to select the best option.
 The profit you will get while dealing in CFD will be higher than that of options. As the market price rises, CFD trade is likely to make a good profit since the profit comes from its change in value. Options are only profitable when the amount of the underlying asset increases more than its premium.
Options are more flexible than CFD. In CFD, your profit depends on the direction of the prices. In option, you can alter your state until you make a profit.
CFD are easy to understand and trade, unlike options whose trading strategies and their pricing are complex.
CFD access many financial instruments that you can trade with, which means that the opportunities for you to sell are many, which is usually not the case in options.
The value of CFD is usually direct to that of the underlying shares; thus, their prices have a close relationship with the essential assets.
One major difference between these two that makes the CFD a better option is that you can easily understand what you are trading. Options are known to be more challenging to understand.
One main problem of using options is that you cannot hold them as long as you can. They have expiration dates. A good trade may prove an option worthless because it may expire.
Since options are involved both in their prices and understanding, then this is a drawback to trading them. And since CFD imitate the stocks which they follow, the information needed to deal with them is little.
Choose the one that suits you best.

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