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What are the disadvantages of using a Forex demo account?



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Hello Komu,

It is advisable for every Forex trader, especially if you are new in this market, that you make use of demo accounts. As much as demo accounts are important, they come along with some downsides. Apart from the time you spend trying to learn how to place trades with these accounts, you hardly lose anything.
The downsides which come with a demo account should guide the traders on the Forex brokers they should open an account with.
Some Forex demo accounts have inadequate features and are not easily available. It would be best if you dealt with Forex brokers who provide demo accounts that are almost similar to the real Forex trading accounts. 
A demo account also makes the traders more careless. In demo accounts, you use fake money, and therefore in case you lose the money, you will hardly feel the pain. A demo account does not expose you to the real risk that you will face while trading using a real trading account hence making traders careless.
  A demo account allows you to improve your trading skills, lest a trader faces difficulties in making the trading decisions while dealing with real money, and goes through the pain of losing a good amount of money while trading. The trader will not understand the risks of trading in Forex and how you can avoid it in the future. 

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