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How is Bitcoin different from other cryptocurrencies?


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Hello Danny,

When you hear about cryptocurrencies, the first thing that strikes your mind in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency across the globe. It was the first cryptocurrency to come to the market, after which the altcoins resurfaced.
Bitcoin is different from other cryptocurrencies, and most investors prefer it to other cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the storage of value. With Bitcoin, you can purchase commodities. For you to buy, however, it will depend on whether your country recognizes Bitcoin and have made it legal. 
The security that Bitcoin offers to its investors is way better than that of other cryptocurrencies. The security has attracted so many investors and therefore diversifying its usage.
Bitcoin is also readily available compared to other cryptocurrencies. Many exchanges take place around the world, involving Bitcoin compared to their counterparts.
It is available in large amounts thanks to the many hardware available to support its mining. Bitcoins software and implementations are more relative to other digital currencies.
Many entrepreneurs are creating firms intending to make Bitcoin more useful.

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