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What is the listed Contract for Differences?


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Hello Danny,

A Listed CFD  is a consensus between a CFD broker and an investor to swap the differences in the opening market price of a share and its closing price.  
Listed CFDs are registered on the London Stock Exchange. The prices of Listed CFDs are fair, and therefore investors can trade them at any time during the trading day.
Here a stockholder can open a share position at a small amount. Therefore the possibility of making a considerable amount of profit is high.
In listed CFDs, an investor buys the current CFD market position that has a possibility 0f making a good profit. The investor buys this position at the speculative entry-level and pays an amount at this level, depending on the prevailing share price.
If an investor speculates that the market prices of the shares will rise, they can decide to go long in the position. On the contrary, if they suspect that the costs of the shares will increase, they may opt to go short in the market position.
One major benefit of listed CFDs is that they give investors full revelation on the price movements of the underlying assets.
 Listed instruments are also a limited liability such that an investor cannot lose more than they will invest. 

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