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How can I store my cryptocurrency?



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Hello Komu,
Crypto wallets are used to store digital currencies. Before you trade and cryptocurrency or purchase one, an understanding of how a cryptocurrency wallet works and what it entails are important.
A crypto wallet typically has a private key and a public address. 
A holder of the cryptocurrency will use this key to gain access to their wallet. Incase this private key is taken by someone who is not the owner, then the fund that it may be containing may end up disappearing.
On the other hand, a public address usually provided in terms of a Quick Response code, and in some cases as a text is given to other crypto users so that they can receive funds.
 Since a cryptocurrency wallet allows the holder to be their own bank, this allows you to be in charge of the safety of your capital.
A crypto wallet will also allow you to interact with various cryptographic ledger as well as keep track of your balance.
A cryptocurrency wallet may either be hot or cold.  A hot crypto wallet is easy to access and is usually linked with the internet. In a cold wallet, you keep your funds away from the internet. However, you can access those funds at your convenience even though nobody can transfer those funds out of the wallet.

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