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How many Forex positions should I deal with at a time?


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Hello Komu,
Unlike stocks trading where you can hold many positions at a time, in the Forex world, it is a dissimilar narrative. Suspending other essential elements of Forex trading, such as analyzing the market, let us focus on how many trades you should be dealing with at a time.
For you to be successful while trading in Forex, you should focus on just a few trades at a go. Most experts in this field will more often find themselves yearning to get a lot of money from this market, so they focus on so many trades at a particular given time. 
Such a decision will result in fear of making losses once the market becomes volatile; this situation is avoidable if you focus on a few trades.
While trading many currency pairs at a time, you will be replicating one regular currency. In Forex trading, there are just two or three currencies that are highly liquid that you can trade.
It is therefore advisable that you have at most three trades at a time.

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