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Cedric M

How can I identify the trend in a Forex market?


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Hello Cedric,
A Forex market operates for 6 days a week each day for 24 hours across numerous time stretches. The Forex traders typically exchange currency for one particular country with that of another.
Investors can utilize different mechanisms to point out a certain trend and which one to use in this financial market.
For a trend to occur, then the price of a particular currency pair should be moving in a certain direction at a go. However, this direction may change at any given time. Therefore this makes it hard for any investor to be sure of a certain market trend.
 There are no specific rules nor an indicator that can guarantee you that this is the market trend you should follow. 
However, there are several techniques that you can employ while entering or leaving a trade.
You need to be very observant of the market charts for you to know what trend to take. You should be able to point out the pronounced ongoing everyday chart trend.
You can also quickly identify which way the market is trending by recognizing the swing points which the market trend leaves behind.
Another way you can identify a market trend is by checking whether there are any price action signals setting up. If these signals are giving rise to significant movement in a certain line, then this is a concluding element for your regulation aptitude on this market. 

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