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Cedric M

What should I look out for before I start CFD trading?


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Hello Cedric,
Once you comprehend what CFDs are, what revolves around them, and how they work, then it will be easy for you to maneuver through this trading field. You, therefore, need to understand the pros and cons of CFDs before you start trading them.
First and foremost, you need to understand what CFDs are. CFDs are instruments of trade that speculate the movement of a certain underlying asset without necessarily owning the asset. They may include commodities, cryptocurrencies, or shares. It is basically a contract between two people for the purposes of settling the difference between the starting and closing price of a CFD tool.
You also need to understand what is going long and short in CFD trading. You go long (buy ) when you speculate that the price of a certain instrument will increase, and you go short(sell) when you gamble that the price of an instrument will fall.
Understanding what margins and leverage are is also essential while trading CFDs,
One of the advantages of trading CFDs is that you can increase your leverage, and CFDs also provide a variety of trading instruments that you can deal with.
A disadvantage of dealing with CFDs is that you are most likely to lose more than what you invest. 

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