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Cedric M

What are the advantages of leverage in CFD?


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Hello Cedric,

One reason why CFD attracts many investors is that it gives you leverage. Trading on leverage means that you contribute just a fraction of the full value required. For the rest of the money, the broker lends you.
Leverage is automatic, and therefore you need not ask your broker about it. They are thematic funds that a broker applies to complete the total transaction required. Leverage works silently, and therefore, what the trader borrows will be repaid without necessarily having to input anything.
One main benefit of leverage is that it helps boost profits. It is also an excellent tool for minimizing losses for your portfolio.
For example, if you have both share and CFD positions in the market and go down on your share positions if the CFD position is profitable, then it will consume your liabilities. 
You can use leverage both to help offset your losses and also maximize your profits. You can combine its critical characteristics in return to capital which is fast and systematic to give you a good number of benefits while trading CFD.

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