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What differences are there between day trading and swing trading?


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Hello Ryan,
Both day traders and swing traders aim to make a profit by investing their stocks for a short period. In day trading, you make many trades within a single day, depending on the market trends. 
 A day trader mainly aims to make a small profit by placing many trades and controlling losses from the exchanges that may not make a profit. In day trading, an investor does not hold a market position overnight.
 In swing trading, an investor identifies the changes in stock prices and other commodities taking place within a certain period. A swing trader needs not to be in the screen throughout the day. The positions that an investor will hold may last two days to several weeks. 
Swing traders are bound to make many losses as against day traders since they hold a market position for an extended period.
Day trading is best for investors who love trading as their full-time jobs. However, for you to succeed here, you need to learn how to analyze the market effectively. You also need to be patient and control your emotions as day trading can be overwhelming at times.
In swing trading, you do not need certain traits for you to be successful. It is best suited for individuals who trade as part-time ventures; therefore, you need not spend so much time on your screens.
Any trading style may result in losses. What is most needed to succeed is how well you can study a market trend before you trade.

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