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Which ETF can I use to trade options?


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Hello Komu,

Buying and selling options for exchange-traded funds is an excellent alternative to investing in stocks. Many exchange-traded funds use several financial tools such as commodities, bonds, and stocks in their trading.
Exchange-traded funds also provide options as their financial instrument that aim to generate a significant profit from the bonus that you generate from selling an option. Options may also generate their income from how volatile a risk premium is to trading strategies used while dealing with options. 
One of the best option based ETF is the Invesco S&P 500 BuyWrite ETF. This ETF typically invests more than 90% of its funds in the securities, including the essential index, and will sell the call options afterward. 
First Trust Hedged buy-sell income ETF aims at providing the prevailing income. This fund invests in equity bonds registered in the U.S. exchanges. It utilizes an option technique that requires buying the U.S. ETF put options a certain index and selling the call option on the same index.
Overlay shares core Bond ETF is another option-based ETF whose aim is to get the total benefit of an investment. It is actively managed and tries to reach its goal by dealing with more than one or one ETF whose aim is to be submitted on how U.S. Dollar, or other securities that this ETF deals with performs. It can also achieve this by trading short-term put options listed to create earnings for this fund.

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