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Hello Samir and welcome to our forum. Thanks for asking the question related to scalping. 

Scalping is one of the most popular trading methods due to the simplicity and given that it doesn’t require you to have a great degree of knowledge about markets and trading in general. It works the best in highly liquid markets given that the spreads are the lowest in such an environment.

The basic idea behind scalping is that it is looking to build a series of winning trades by opening and closing trades quickly. By adding a few pips here and there, scalpers are not interested in the larger market trends. Instead they are targeting a big number of smaller and quicker traders. 

What you have to know about scalping is that it is only useful in the trending and directional markets. A strong trend provides the basis for the different scalping methods that can be used to make profits. 

In order to make it work, scalpers must close the day with a high percentage of winning trades as they can’t rely on the size of winning trades. They aim to close positions very quickly, move on and look for new scalping opportunities. 


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