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Jessica Kerry

How To Make Money From Bitcoin HODLing


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Hi Jessica,
When an investor thinks of venturing into Bitcoin buying, they imagine the huge windfall they would make when they sell their coins for Sterling once the Bitcoin price peaks. The strategy is basically a buying and holding investment.
Traders and investors who hold Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, for the long term, refer themselves as HODL’ers. The term is a Hold misspelling.
HODLers use this method in investment portfolios as hedges against volatility in the market. A true believer in the cryptocurrency trade touts their purchasing and hold strategy as the real reason why Bitcoin prices remain stable.
Historical bitcoin market price data reveals that if you purchase and hold Bitcoin for 1,335 days, you are guaranteed a profit. In short, you are assured of a 100% profit if you buy Bitcoin and wait 1,335 days before you dispose of your holding. Profiting from Bitcoin HODLing is a waiting game.

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