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I dont know where to get knowleg about onlime trading and dont know about forex or other trading markets

So plaease can anyone guide me how to start getting into that filed 

I wish one day i could change my life and i am trying to do that long time ago


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Hi Sero. 


to get started learning about fores I would suggest checking out the babypips.com website. It is helpful in educating new traders about the basics of the forex markets and understanding terminology etc. You can then look for basic trading strategies to demo (we have a several broker reviews that will tell you if the company offers a practice account). 

If I were you, I would then look to start understanding basic economics or macroeconomics to understand why currencies may move in certain directions and the reasons for certain moves. There are some good books available on the subject.

Use news sources and analysis to learn (they have both of those here on AskTraders) and understand how other people trade. AskTraders also have a youtube channel with some basic concept videos available along with analysis. 

But your first port of call should be babypips.com and the AskTraders Youtube channel to learn the basics.

Now, I noticed you mentioned that you want to "change your life one day". I have to be honest with you and say that if you are looking for instant rewards then this isn't it. It can take years to become just a little bit profitable and even then profits aren't guaranteed. It will be one of the hardest things you will ever try to learn, but if successful you can do well. 

If you have any more questions just send them over. I'll be happy to help ?


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