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platform login problem



hi i have problem with my broker. the name of the broker is iqtrade24.com

when I try to load the platform website it's say account suspended. and i have try to write to them and call now for a week and no answers.

i have alot of money in that broker. 345.000 usd is pending for withdrawal and last i check my balance it was 87.300 usd

what can I do?

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Hi Bardur.


I have just taken a look, or tried to take a look at their website and it seems it has been suspended like you said. 

This is going to be tricky because as far as I can see they are an unregulated broker and have completely dissappeared. 


I found this online about them - https://www.bcsc.bc.ca/Enforcement/Investment_Caution_List/iqtrade24,_operated_by_B_O__Tradefinancials_Ltd_/

and https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/warning-iqtrade24-is-an-illegal-broker-review


The only suggestion I have for you is to contact them via their facebook page to see if you get a response... but I doubt they will. The only other thing I can suggest is trying to speak to your bank and tell them it was a scam... or contact the relevant financial authority in your region to see if they can help. 


Im sorry your having to deal with this, if you have any more questions please just ask. 

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