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Which is the best Forex trading software?


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Hi Earnest,

Most of these financial markets transactions occur online, which means that you need special platforms that will facilitate your trading. The choice of trading software you choose to use usually has an impact on how you conduct your trading.  
The trading software you use in the Forex market will help you trade easily. You cannot depend solely on it to succeed in this market if you have an excellent knowledge of how the Forex market works will mainly facilitate your success in this market.
If you are looking at making good earnings and develop better trading strategies, Forex software will help you achieve this. There is much software that you can use in Forex, and what you select will depend on your experience and the number of risks you are willing to take up.
FOREX.com is one of the best software mainly because of its MetaTrader4 platform and other tools it contains. MetaTrader4 usually implements automated trading and facilitates a good number of technical indicators.
Another great software is the Ninja trader. This platform can favor a trader who mainly deals with Forex and futures trading. It has several resources that can help you look for indicators to trade in this market.
Thinkorswim will be suitable for you if you want to try algorithmic trading, and you are torn choosing between many trades at a time. Here you can keep your trades in one account.  You also need not sign up to access the newsletters on this platform.
Interactive brokers are also another excellent trading software. It usually trades similar currency pairs to those in Thinkorswim with a great variety to choose from. You can also use this software If you trade futures and stock. Tradespoon is also fantastic software that you can employ. 
This software is not a guarantee of your success in the Forex market. You need excellent skills and knowledge to succeed in the Forex market. 

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Hi Earnest,

While traders would hope for a forex trading software that suits all their needs all the time, unfortunately, such software doesn’t exist. Your best software, however, will meet most of your trading requirements. But before you settle on a forex trading software, here are some of the factors to consider:
•    Reliability- The platform must be very stable, not crashing or freezing when you’re trading. 
•    User-friendly interface- The software should allow for easy overall navigation, making you open and open and close trade faster.
•    Analysis tools- Help you make informed trading decisions.
•    Data security- You wouldn’t want your data to be compromised or lost
•     Automated trading- Automatic trading not only limit human errors but also ease the trading process.
Meta Trader 4
While there are many popular trading software in the market, the Meta Trader 4 is trusted by many traders who also consider it the best trading software. The powerful trading software, which suites both advanced traders and complete beginners, is equipped with API that lets you implement your automated trading strategies. Since it’s available in many operating systems, Meta Trader 4 is easily accessible on various devices ( PCs, phones, and tablets) making It one of the most reliable trading software. It also uses RSA digital signatures and data encryption to keep your data safe.

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Hi Earnest,

Manual trading at times can be tiresome especially if you are not used to it. Beginners without
proper guidance can find themselves making loses over and over. You also want to spend less
time on your phone or computer and at the same time make some profit. Manual trading requires
you to have a detailed report on the market situation. You can just start trading without a clue of
how the prices are shifting. This all has been simplified when trading software came in existence.
Some of these programs have the ability to open and close quotes automatically. They are much
more efficient than manual trading since you only need to run the software and it will do the rest
for you. If you are a beginner and you have little knowledge about trading, you can install a
software on your phone or computer and start making money. This software is also for the pros
who are looking for advanced tools to assist them in in trading.
Your success is however not fully dependent on the software but requires effort from both sides.
As a result, the rises the need to get the best forex trading software if you want to get the best out
of this field. A top-notch software should be able to accommodate both beginners and pro
traders. It should have simplicity to cater for the needs of beginners and also advanced options
for the pros. You should go for a software that gives you live data, custom indicators, flexible
and comprehensive charts and not forgetting fast response or as traders prefer calling it rapid fire.
Plus500 is the top most rated forex trading software which many traders choose to go for. The
platform was launched in 2008 and has progressively upgraded since it is now available for
android and iOS devices, not forgetting the desktop version. It can also be accessed via web. The
features it offers makes it standout rom other platforms.
The platform is considerate of beginners since it offers simple and flexible charts including
charting tool. Charts are the graphical representations of prices in the current time and the past. If
you are not used to forex trading, this software is user friendly and will assist you get a tighter
grip of the trading field.
For those who love doing stuff fast without delays, this software is here to cater for your needs.
As a trader you want to make money as fast as possible. Plus500 offer one-click trading which
allows you to place orders fast. You will not find yourself waiting ages on your screen to
complete transactions.
Plus500 has an inbuilt back testing and optimization feature which allow you to test your plan
against past price movements by simply keying in the opening and closing trades of the subject

period. Apart from the factory indicators, you can be code your own custom indicators for better
analysis and trading.
Of all the well-known platforms, Plus500 offer the lowest spread-out ensuring that you get
maximum outcome from your investments. As for leverage, Plus500 gives its traders 1:300
which implies that you can hold assets worth $30000 for just $100
Plus500 additionally gives traders protection against negative balance where in the occasion that
a currency pair falls, all transactions are closed and your money is saved. You don’t have to
worry about making loses with an automated forex software when the market is at its lowest.
Lastly, Plus500 has a demo account which you can use for practice before going to real trading.
This will be a relief to beginners who don’t have a clue of what they are getting themselves in.
It is secured by SSL and you will be receiving push notifications about the market. If you are
looking for a software that can help you whether you are a beginner, you should go for Plus500
sine it is use friendly and has several advanced options and tools for the pros.

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