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How can I successfully trade in Forex during my part-time?



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 Hi Earnest,

Your strategy as a part-time Forex trader needs to rest on the end of day trading and analysis. Find an appropriate platform that gives you reliable daily chart time frames, especially chart time frames that most interest you.
Simply put, strategize on following and analyzing charts falling in your preferred trading time frame. That way, you can capture the high-probability end of day action price setups.
Success Tips
Part-time Forex traders need discipline. Discipline means taking your profits the moment they materialize rather than seeking wider spreads with more significant gains.
Pick the best liquid pair, depending on your trading period. Match your trading period to peak volume hours your chosen pair matches. Also, concentrate on tested currencies traded often. An example is USD/EUR, which experts recommend for neophytes and part-time traders.
Take your time to plan for and pick a time frame. Next, choose the best currency pair associated with the period. Maximize success by sticking to this chosen time window.
Finally, if no great opportunities arise during your time frame you have dedicated, avoid leaving or doing something else. Practice chart reviews, dedicate time for analyzing and journaling successful trades, failures, and reserve time for back testing.

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