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What is a hot wallet in cryptocurrencies?



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Hi Milan,

A hot wallet will allow you to transact your cryptocurrency coins. In cryptocurrencies, you do not have any physical wallet to store your coins, utterly different in traditional currencies. Crypto wallets are of different types, and apart from storing the coins, they also offer them protection.
The most popular wallets where you can store your funds are the hot and the cold wallets. Unlike hot wallets where you operate them plugged into the internet, on cold wallets, you store your holdings offline. 
You may have many different wallets for storing your cryptocurrencies, and you always have a reason why you store your coins either online or offline.
One significant advantage you get for storing your coins in a hot wallet is the ability to monitor your transactions. If you want to purchase things using your cryptocurrency coins, you may use a hot wallet since you will quickly transfer your holdings across the internet. 
Cybercrimes are the drawbacks of using a hot wallet. Since you carry out transactions while connected to the internet, there is a high possibility that hackers will get into your wallet and steal your funds. This should not keep you away from storing your funds in a hot wallet. There are several operations you can utilize to ensure sufficient protection of your funds. 
After mining your cryptocurrency, you have to decide where you will store your tokens. If you choose to store them in a hot wallet, it will help record the transactions that occur on the blockchain ledger and assist in making any changes required.
In a hot wallet, you will also have the private and public keys. The public key, which is similar to the account username, will identify the wallet so that you can retrieve the tokens without disclosing your identity. The private key is like a PIN, which will enable you to access your wallets and carry out various activities such as transacting the coins. Without these keys, your wallet is impractical.
You should keep only a few tokens in the hot wallet so that you will not incur significant losses in case of an attack.

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