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How has social trading changed the community?



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Social trading has had both positive and negative impacts on the community and especially on
the youth. Social selling has improved the community in different ways; unemployed people can
choose to try trading as they look for another job. Therefore, social trading has created
opportunities for all those who have no responsibilities or no source of income. Social selling has
also helped the youth in the community get something to do instead of idling around, which
leads to crimes to get money or chaos in the city. Social trading has also been helpful during this
pandemic to help increase the amount of money you have instead of sitting on cash and slowly
using it up until you have nothing left. Social trading has assisted in teaching people how to
invest. When you have money, most young people will prefer to use it doing recreational
activities instead of spending. Social trading has helped people appreciate technology and learn
how to use it. This is because you may need a cell phone or a computer to trade. Social selling
has helped students learn business or finance understand how the outside world operates, which
gives them a lot of experience and information about the market. Lastly, social distancing has
benefitted society by giving people the confidence to trade and even become experts in
something so profitable.
However, social trading has had a few negative impacts on society. Social selling has
discouraged working ethics as some people don't find the reason to work eight-to-five jobs if
they can trade and earn money even in their sleep. Social trading may also be a problem when
the youth has too much money. This may lead to contrary vices such as drug use that negatively
affect the community. Social trading may also cause people to lose too much capital when a loss
occurs, and this may lead to poverty for some people in the city. Social selling may also cause
inflation of goods due to too much money in one place. Lastly, losses in social trading may cause
adverse psychological effects that may lead to depression, suicide, anxiety to trust any
corporations, or even anger-fueled crimes.

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