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Which are the best cryptocurrencies with regard to market capitalization?



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Bitcoin is the first thing you think about any time you hear about cryptocurrencies. It comes first in terms of market capitalization and has experienced massive growth over the past years. It is also the most popular cryptocurrency. However, it has experienced a good number of challenges that have seen it almost getting defeated in various aspects by other digital currencies.

The cryptocurrency world is highly volatile, and the prices for these coins tend to change so rapidly from time to time.

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking at dealing with a high market capitalization currency, Bitcoin should be your first go-to option. It has the largest market cap in the crypto space of over $125 billion. The value of Bitcoin is also the highest in its world. There is so much Bitcoin in the market today. However, many other coins are almost overtaking bitcoin.

Ethereum should be your second best option in the list of large market cap. Ethereum is the crypto that gave rise to the Initial coin offering. The value of Ethereum in the market is less than that of Bitcoin, and its market capitalization lies significantly below it.

The ripple comes third with a total market cap of over $19.8 billion. The ripple is most excited and best known for the technology it uses to carry out its transactions. The value of XRP is usually deficient. However, the amount of it that is in circulation is high.

Bitcoin cash ranks fourth in these currencies. It came up to solve some of the challenges that faced the bitcoin. Its market capitalization is almost $14.5 billion. There is a considerable amount of Bitcoin cash currently in circulation.

The EOS ends this list. However, other currencies follow behind in terms of market capitalization. It has many of its tokens in the market, and its market capitalization is about $7.83 billion.

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