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Brian Connor

How to swing trade penny stocks?


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Hi, thank you for your question! 

In order to swing trade stocks, it is important to understand swing trading. This method of trading means that traders conduct purchase and sale of stocks in a short time period, usually no more than a couple of days.

Swing traders try to finesse their skill of capitalizing on the peak value of a certain stock and selling it before that value decreases. This requires constant and meticulous monitoring of stock trends and great skill of prediction.

Advantages of swing trading are possibilities to maximize your short term gains. It is also an easier, more versatile, and flexible way of trading than the usual day trading (especially with penny stocks). In order to do it, there is a wide array of analytical tools at your disposal which can help you in achieving maximum profit.

On the other hand, it comes with larger risks, takes patience and time, and may lead you to miss out on greater long term opportunities and profits. Another skill that requires time to master is a technical analysis which is a keystone when commencing swing trading. It is helpful to take note and track political and mainstream news that may influence the market indirectly.

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