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How long has it taken for you to become consistently profitable?



How long has it taken for you to become consistently profitable? I have been actively trading since 2019 and have yet to reach a point of consistently profitable. I have done all the things told to me such as:

1. Study the technicals and fundamentals  

2. Develop a clear written strategy.

3. Journal every trade.

4. Focus on the process not profit (I placed a post it strip over where my P/L is on my screen)

5. Study the psychology 

6. Took paid trading courses

7. Only focus on 3 pairs 


This list can go on and on….

Looking through my old notes from 2019, it dawned on me that I am in the same spot I was then…I am open to any advise that may help me push forward. I feel like I am at a point that I may have to just concede I am not meant to play this game…and that is heartbreaking to me. 


Any advice or insight my fellow traders have will be greatly appreciated. 

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Prepare to put in a minimum of 6-12 months (working on a single strategy) before you develop enough consistency to see a profitable month. Strategy hopping and any “unlearning” of bad trading behaviors are going to lengthen this 6-12 month timeframe.

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