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Updated: 23 January 2020

$TWLO has been a nice momentum stock since its setup near $100 mark and now it shows considerable slowdown near the 200sma mark. Once the market keeps rising, Twilio Inc has stalled and shows some signs of resistance at 121-122 price range. Local supports are situated at 118 and 117 area but hourly charts show most of resistance at 121.50-122. Consider a short position at 120-121 area with a stop above 122.50. Potential add will be on the breakout of the 118.00 mark and a perfect first target around 114 on 70% of your position. The rest of the position 30% could be placed at breakeven once 118 breakdown is confirmed with a close lower. [Earnings estimated on 5th of February according to Nasdaq.com]

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