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Updated: 25 September 2020

As an industry leader and innovator, easyMarkets has worked hard to bring its customers a wide variety of service offerings. Since its launch in 2001, easyMarkets has stood by its commitment to simple, honest services through its branches in Sydney, Warsaw and Shanghai, and with operating licences in Europe and Australia. They introduced the world’s first web-based trading platform and they continue to pride themselves on offering their customers innovative tools, products and services. Meet easyMarkets MT4, a leading trading platform and charting software recognised in global broker comparison.

  • Popular platform
  • Competitive trading conditions
  • Easy accessibility
  • Simple yet powerful features

In 2005, the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform was released, revolutionising the industry in order to make the trading market accessible not only from wherever you are, but also in a way that works for you. Incorporating all of the best features that easyMarkets offers, including negative balance protection, fixed spread and guaranteed stop loss & take profit, this popular trading platform encompasses all of the reasons why you choose easyMarkets and demonstrates why they’re the best MT4 broker in the industry.



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A company such as easyMarkets knows that MT4 is the platform preferred by advanced traders because they appreciate the amazing amount of information that can be displayed in a single window. The easyMarkets MT4 platform offers intuitive features, such as: one-click trading for quick and easy usage; pre-installed indicators and analysis tools to help you make the best choices in your own time; the ability to create custom trading templates, as well as the choice of predesigned templates so that you can customise the platform exactly the way you like; access to over 20 years of historical data so that you can more than trust your Expert Advisors – you can back-test them; and multiple order types, including Market Orders and Pending Orders, so that you can trade the way that works best for you.

easyMarkets’ competitive trading conditions

The conditions that easyMarkets is able to offer its customers serve as the engine behind the powerful MT4 platform working together to make each other great. The bells and whistles that make up MT4 are excellent tools to help you take full advantage of easyMarkets 80+ markets, which in the past 17 years have grown to include currencies, metals, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. The services that easyMarkets offers, such as fixed spreads, help create an environment of transparency so that you can feel secure no matter how volatile the markets are. Accessibility means that there are a plethora of account base currencies to choose from, because easyMarkets knows that worldwide engagement makes them stronger as a company – a strength that they can pass on to their customers. The collective efforts of employees, clients and partners is what easyMarkets attributes their award-recognised success to, and is part of the reason that all Expert Advisors programs are allowed in the easyMarkets MT4 platform. Expert Advisors is a tool that can help you make the most of the MT4 platform by automating trade instructions that help carry out some of the work behind your trades, as pre-approved by you. According to them, working smarter and achieving through teamwork is what makes easyMarkets successful. But don’t just take their word for it – their track record speaks for itself:

  • Best Partner Program Europe, 2015
  • Most Transparent Broker, 2017
  • Best Trading Platform, 2017
  • Golden Consumer Award, 2016

Accessibility made simple

At first glance, the amount of information that the MT4 platform makes available can be intimidating to even a seasoned trader. That’s why easyMarkets ensures that you have all the tools available to understand not only how the platform works but also how best to utilise it. From navigation guides to user tips, easyMarkets does the legwork of making the hard stuff simple so that you don’t have to. Their How To Use Trading Charts guide takes you through the entire surface of the program from toolbars, to charts, to Market Watch, allowing you to consolidate all markets available to you for trading into one place while keeping you up to date with real-time bid and asking prices. They offer step-by-step customisation instructions, including how to customise the appearance of charts and toolbars and how to add pre-installed indicators. Because clients have free access to trading signals by easyMarkets’ own professional providers, you can also take advantage of TechnicalAnalysis, a multilingual customisable indicator to help you make better trading decisions with guidance from Trading Central, a leading investment research provider to financial market professionals. This access offers the most up-to-date data combined with actionable content, a user-friendly interface and customisable timeframes to allow users to fill in orders and programme trades easily and efficiently. MT4 is one of the most flexible trading platforms and charting software on the market, and easyMarkets wants to make sure that you get the most possible out of it.

Knowing your platform

The trading platform that you use can help shape your trading success – if you choose the right one. Selecting a trading platform that is not right for you can result in stumbling blocks that could potentially stop you from making adjustments and checking in on your trades, which can ultimately lead to the detriment of your investment. Many forex brokers today offer a range of platforms, from web options, to MT4 or MT5, to a mobile app. The MT4 platform is considered to be a starter platform by many because the majority of traders, first-time or otherwise, open an MT4 account looking for stability while still being able to accommodate a variety of features. With widespread availability and easy-to-learn interfacing, the MT4 platform comes with technical indicators, an economical calendar and features to use and test with Expert Advisors. This type of platform is downloadable, meaning that it takes up hard drive space, so it’s suggested mainly for desktops and laptops that have memory space to spare. While first-time traders enjoy the simplicity of the MT4 platform, this does not mean that it’s unsuitable for those with more experience – MT4 has been known to be useful working in tandem with multiple other technical indicator and trading systems. Bringing with it a range of products, all on a reliable and established platform, there is a reason why MT4 persists as one of the most popular platforms among traders and money managers alike.

Why choose easyMarkets?

easyMarkets knows that there are many options out there, so they choose to stand out from the crowd by being trustworthy and reliable. One of the ways that they do this is through regulatory compliance with not just one but two major agencies. This guarantees client deposit safety and segregation in prominent banks while ensuring that order execution is always swift and precise. The customer service assistants at easyMarkets are happy to help you through the standard account process and are also ready to advise you of impending account upgrades to assist you in accessing extra support, as well as advanced spreads. The Learn Centre at easyMarkets is equipped with tools that range from getting started to growing your knowledge base, and offers learning opportunities through guided sources such as Webinars or self-instruction via eBooks. The information available is designed to appeal and instruct both new and experienced traders so that they can learn to trade more safely and easily. An easyMarkets review often highlights the excellent service and also the in-depth support available. Offering a complete package to help you get started in trading or simply advance your own knowledge base further, easyMarkets also offers customer service via live chat, email, fax or phone 24 hours per day, five days per week. Alternatively, there are fully staffed regional offices based in Limassol, Sydney, Warsaw and Shanghai ready to serve their customers.

A steadfast base with available extras

Offering a good, simple, reliable product can seem a bit unexciting, especially to an experienced trader. That’s why easyMarkets prides itself on making the basics easy and accessible, while also offering products and services that set it apart from the rest of the pack. The goal of these services is two-fold: one, to allow them to remain competitive in the market by ensuring that their customers have access to the most beneficial information available; and two, to increase the reach and functionality of easyMarkets while also keeping in mind their primary asset – their customers. The complementary and comprehensive learning centre is an asset to all levels of trading, and includes daily market commentaries and in-depth charting tools. Some other benefits that easyMarkets extends to all its customers include:

  • trading options such as forex, CFD and vanilla options
  • SMS alerts and free trading signals
  • DealCancellation and Risk Free Trades

At its core, easyMarkets has defined itself on the international stage thanks to its no-nonsense practicality when it comes to straightforward services for its customers. Don’t let that fool you, though – a healthy respect for simplicity doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the enticement of extras. It’s one of the many reasons that easyMarkets has continued to find success in the industry in its more than 15 years of experience.

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Order Types and Stop Loss Take Profit

Regardless of the type of order that you choose to place, easyMarkets is pleased to guarantee no dealer intervention so that the execution of your orders is based solely on the liquidity of the market, rather than being subjected to the discretion of a dealing desk. Thanks to its hard work and trustworthiness, easyMarkets has been able to establish itself as a market maker, which in turn allows it to keep spreads fixed for customers so that trading will never be disabled, even in the most volatile market. There are two easyMarkets MT4 order types:

  • Market orders
  • Pending orders

Market orders are the simplest kind of order, as they simply open up a trade as a place to buy to sell orders at the current market price. Pending orders allow you to buy or sell in the future at a pre-determined price point by utilising buy stops, sell stops, buy limits and sell limits at your own discretion. Because risk management is a concern that all clients must deal with, easyMarkets offers every one of its customers Free Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit to ensure that you will never exceed a personally comfortable amount of risk and can always be confident that your investment is protected.

The reality of the MT4 platform

The flexibility and simplicity of the easyMarkets MT4 platform does not come without a cost. Because the platform is designed to focus on margin trading, it can be used to trade CFD, but it is not designed for full-time work in the stock market or exchange-futures. For this reason, some say that the drawback of the MT4 platform is that it is a limited product. That being said, for most personal and part-time traders, MT4 can be seen as an excellent tool and one that supports the very foundation that easyMarkets was built upon – transparency, simplicity and equal accessibility for more than just those who have already established themselves in the trading world. Since the beginning, MT4 has been considered a trusted and reliable tool in the industry, for both those long familiar with the product and those just getting started. In the advances that easyMarkets has been able to develop over the years, it has managed to maintain the easy-to-understand, stripped-down simplicity that has long defined MT4, while also offering a hearty assortment of add-ons and customisations to create a platform that best suits your own personal needs. MT4 can be as simple and yet also as precise as you wish, its customisability and easy usage as much an asset for personal users as a so-called detriment for larger-scale operations.

The easyMarkets MT4 platform on the market

In an MT4 broker comparison, it is easy to see that easyMarkets is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with, and in some cases even a cut above, the most popular and trusted brokerage firms on the international stage. Their expansive global support combined with excellent service, economical pricing and innovative ventures has helped to make them the resilient, experienced company that they are today. Their simple and flexible MT4 platform has steadfastly remained one of the most popular trading platforms in the industry, and this combined with easyMarkets’ competitive trading conditions makes it an incredibly useful tool for new and experienced traders. The ability to utilise the full depth, accessibility and knowledge base provided by the easyMarkets MT4 platform makes trading both easy and incredibly customisable to the needs of the individual user so that they can get the most out of their investment in a straightforward and reliable manner.