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5 Best Healthcare Companies in Kenya

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Updated 28 Oct 2022

Kenya has one of the most developed and active private sectors among sub-Saharan African nations.

Both the private commercial sector and the not-for-profit sector are crucial to the prevention and treatment of disease in the field of medicine, where HIV/AIDS, acute respiratory infections, diarrheal disorders, and malaria are the main killers.

The private sector is an important source of medical care, even for individuals who are economically challenged. For instance, when a child in Kenya’s poorest quintile falls ill, 47% of the nation’s citizens look for private medical care.

The Vision 2030 plan of the Government of Kenya (GOK) and the strategic plans for 2008–2012 of the Ministries of Medical Services and Public Health and Sanitation both include strategies to develop the private health sector. These programs were created in acknowledgment of the considerable contribution that Kenya’s private healthcare industry makes.

In this article, we examine Kenya’s top 5 healthcare providers.

Best Healthcare Companies in Kenya to buy right now

5 Best Healthcare Companies in Kenya

1. Cigna Africa


Cigna Africa aims to improve people's health, well-being, and mental peace. The company is expanding its knowledge of Africa to enhance its presence there. Cigna's ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange is CI.

Cigna Africa

The company is unlike your typical insurer because it works with foreign groups. Cigna creates and administers employee benefit programs and provides financial assistance to IGOs and NGOs.

In addition to incapacity, disability, and life insurance, these programs include medical benefits. These programs provide health and well-being services to sustain employee health and productivity.

Cigna has more than 50 years of market leadership in global medical insurance and serves more than 200,000 members in Africa.

The organization has local case managers in South Africa and Kenya, a new office in Kenya, and an outpatient direct payment network with local health care providers.

The company has the regional knowledge, experience, and resources to deliver a product for internationally mobile, key local, and third-country national personnel in Africa.

Cigna Africa offers a range of perks and coverage levels. This bundle offers five all-inclusive plans.

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2. Philips East Africa


Philips East Africa's operations include Health Systems, Personal Health, and Lighting Solutions. They serve Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. The company’s headquarters are in Nairobi.

Philips has been in Africa for more than 125 years, serving the continent's diverse markets. Philips understands the African market and its issues.

Philips creates revolutionary ideas to improve the lives of Africans. The company's product range helps families live healthier lives, brings energy-efficient lighting to urban and rural communities, and supports hospital systems to improve healthcare infrastructure and access to rural healthcare.

Philips East Africa provides innovations to improve people's lives. The company is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, and health informatics.

Philips' health technology business produced 17.8 billion euros in 2017 and employs 75,000. Over 100 countries offer sales and services.

The company is rapidly expanding on the continent by cultivating local talent and organizations, strengthening its commercial reach, and launching innovative goods and solutions.

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3. GE Healthcare


GE has been in Kenya since 2005. In 2011, Nairobi became GE Africa's Sub-Saharan headquarters. The company employs 150 workers.

GE healthcare

GE is committed to helping Kenya achieve its Vision 2030 and Big Four Agenda to strengthen manufacturing, healthcare, housing, and food security.

General Electric and the government signed a historic MOU in 2012 to explore initiatives in healthcare and electricity.

Kenya's Ministry of Health picked GE Healthcare for their $420 million MES initiative in January 2015.

GE Healthcare would provide radiological infrastructure in 98 institutions in 47 counties. GE has provided 585 pieces of diagnostic imaging equipment to all 98 hospitals under the MES initiative.

In October 2018, GE Healthcare installed a PET-CT scanner and Cyclotron at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Nairobi, Kenya.

This installation was the first in sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa. Technological advances will enhance cancer, heart disease, and other diagnoses and treatments.

GE Healthcare encourages education and training to improve health outcomes.

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4. Labcorp


The goal of Labcorp is to become the most reputable life sciences company in the world by significantly improving the health and wellbeing of society.


Through the integration of top-tier diagnostic solutions with its drug development business, the company's cutting-edge technologies, unmatched data, and expanding menu of standard and highly specialized tests not only educate and empower patients and providers but also help medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies turn ideas into innovations.

To develop significant vaccines, cancer-fighting innovations, and game-changing treatments for uncommon diseases, Labcorp employs over 70,000 individuals. They are also aiming to transform the way healthcare is provided.

With one objective in mind, saving and improving human lives, Labcorp has spent more than 50 years developing some of the most cutting-edge testing infrastructure in the world.

The company's clinical laboratories process more than 3 million patient specimens each week, enabling it to assist both doctors and patients in making educated decisions about their health.

Labcorp is able to support clinical trial activities in close to a hundred different countries because to its diagnostics expertise and commitment to giving patients high-quality, scientifically sound medication research.

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5. Penda Health


Over a million patients have made Penda their top choice when choosing a healthcare facility when it first opened its doors in 2012.

Penda Health

Currently, Penda is one of East Africa's top companies offering outpatient healthcare services. There are 19 medical centres spread all around Nairobi.

Even as the business has grown, Penda has maintained an industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 65% or above, which is a clear sign of excellent patient experience.

Penda uses a patient-centred approach to care delivery, a patient-centric staffing model, a high patient-to-provider ratio, and a focused range of services that address key outpatient requirements to lower the cost of its services.

Because of its creative marketing strategies and neighbourhood alliances, Penda is better able to comprehend community needs and integrate into the neighbourhood.

Additionally, Penda is experimenting with membership-based health insurance to see if this can increase customers' access to the right care at the right time.

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