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Abingdon Health (ABDX) Shares Gain On Launch of Covid Semi-Quantitative Accessory

Sam Boughedda trader
Updated 7 Sep 2021

Abingdon Health shares are trading higher on Tuesday after the company launched a score-card product available alongside its AbC-19 rapid test.

The score-card “provides a semi-quantitative result to indicate the strength of antibody response and possible immunity.”

The test produces a line when it detects IgG neutralising antibodies to the spike protein of COVID-19, which are produced both after vaccination and natural infection.

The intensity of the line, which can be seen visually, is proportional to the amount of these IgG neutralising antibodies present in the finger-prick blood sample, with higher levels of antibodies producing a stronger test line.

Abingdon said using the score-card accessory alongside AbC-19TM LFD will allow scientific communities to help further understand the presence and strength of IgG neutralising antibodies following infection and/or vaccination.

The company is also in the process of preparing the CE-marking of this score-card accessory for the AbC-19.

Chris Yates, CEO of Abingdon Health, said: “The launch of the semi-quantitative accessory to AbC-19™ is an important addition to the tools available to researchers as they qualify and measure the antibody level appropriate to infer protective immunity.

“There is a lot of work underway internationally to set a globally recognised standard threshold and we welcome the establishment of an international standard that will help governments manage their vaccine and booster programmes. Devices such as the AbC-19™ help democratise testing and allow individuals to know their own neutralising antibody status, assess their own risk, and seek appropriate advice when indicated.”

Abingdon's share price is currently trading at 50.2p, up 7.98%, erasing Monday's 5.1% loss.

Should you invest in Abingdon Health shares?

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