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Zoe Padmore

Zoe is a keen currency watcher and forex trader who has been writing for AskTraders as our eye on the foreign exchange market for two years. She graduated from the University of Bristol with a BA degree in English but rapidly found after her undergraduate degree was in the bag that her interests were drawn to understanding the money markets and the multitude of factors that shaped price fluctuations.

After a period working in the publishing industry, Zoe began simultaneously honing some practical, hands-on currency trading skills and started to sense that her preferences lay in writing about these markets as well as earning a living from them. Realizing that she was spending more time reading about currencies in the Financial Times, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal than Russian literature and book proposals from aspiring authors, she turned her novelist’s eye for subtlety and detail to writing about money movements and risk management strategies for traders.

She has since completed an MA in Finance and seeks to combine business acumen and discipline with her literary aptitudes in all her articles for AskTraders. Zoe also writes about personal finance, investing and mortgages, but it’s the dance of those endlessly flirting currency pairs that commands her deepest attention.

Joseph Cairns

Joseph writes for AskTraders on financial modelling and portfolio management, but he also makes regular forays into his other area of interest and expertise – asset valuation. Born in New York of Jamaican parents, he took a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science at New York University and is presently a Chartered Financial Analyst Level 3 candidate.

Joseph returned to the land of his parents to work for several years at the Jamaica Stock Exchange, where he acquired compendious knowledge of Caribbean and Latin American assets. He contributed regularly to Jamaican newspapers during his stay in the country and won a succession of awards in the Jamaican Stock Exchange Competition.

Over the last ten years, he has also worked in a series of finance industry roles, including Asset Management, Information Technology and Financial Research and has extensive knowledge of US stocks. For the last three years, he has held the prestigious role of Portfolio Analyst at a major international bank in New York with operations in the Caribbean.

Joseph works hard but supplements his professional endeavors with playing hard. A firm believer in the need for a healthy body as well as a healthy mind, he is currently training for his Third Dan black belt in Karate.

James Pendleton

James holds a master’s degree in business management from the European Business School (ESCP Europe), studying at the London campus. He has worked as an analyst for five years at a major American bank, covering the Global Investment Banking business. He has also garnered extensive experience in the Energy and Power sector in this role.

Originally studying Computer Science at undergraduate level (he holds an honors bachelor’s degree in the subject), he has recently passed both the Level I and Level II Chartered Financial Analyst exams and is currently a Level III CFA candidate. He has provided independent investment research to retail and institutional investors alike.

James’ deepest interest lies in finance and investments, and he writes regularly about those areas for AskTraders. Prior to joining AskTraders, however, his freelance writing appeared in a raft of prominent financial websites in Britain and the US.

Beyond the world of finance, James is a collector of fine art and has a passion for classic cars which began in childhood. He also raises money for charity by participating, when time allows for training, in marathons.

Catherine Alderdice

Catherine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Global Studies from Monash University, Australia. She has worked in retail and investment banking and went on to study for and achieve a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree while working full-time at the bank, devoting her evenings and weekends to study. Before becoming a parent, she also gained experience in sell-side trading during her banking career.

Catherine effectively grew up in the finance industry, being the daughter of a veteran financial adviser: her father, now semi-retired, has clocked up 38 years of experience as an adviser.

Her current interests (besides being a mother to her two young boys) include blogging on all matters financial and consulting with advisers on how to leverage emerging financial technology, including machine learning and artificial intelligence (which have fascinated her since her student years) to expand their businesses. Catherine, needless to say, is proud to be living proof that women can excel in tech and STEM fields.

Married to a commercial lawyer, Catherine’s personal interests include singing, water-surfing and pottery, as well as walking her beloved Golden Retrievers Monty and Flicker in the countryside surrounding her home.