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Broker Guides (142)

Updated 11 Apr 2024

Navigating your way around broker platforms can be daunting, particularly for new traders. Each broker has its unique perks, fees, and user interface. However, it can also be straightforward if a team of professional traders already tested all the platforms and rated them accordingly. Surprise, surprise, that’s exactly what we did here. Follow our broker guides, and you’ll get the most out of your favourite broker in a breeze.

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Which online stock broker offers free learning for beginners?

You don’t find many online stock brokers offering free learning resources for beginners. However, a couple of names that we suggest are Hargreaves Lansdown and Wealth Horizon. Hargreaves Lansdown offers guides to ISAs, SIPPs, investing in funds and shares, inflation and drawdown calculators, and several interesting topics. Wealth Horizon’s knowledge hub, on the other hand, comprises articles on economics and markets, life and money, savings and investment besides informative pieces on Robo advisors, business and innovation.

You can also check out the stock investment guides on, where we provide tons of information on the markets and stockbrokers.

Are trading apps worth it?

Yes, trading apps are worth it. If you are a serious trader, one way to access real-time price info, especially if you are on the move is via a mobile app. Besides providing live market data, the app allows you to quickly monitor your trades and portfolio performance. It also enables you to set price alerts and push notifications.

So, if you’re eyeing a trading app, look for one with an excellent user-interface, efficient operational and navigational tools, secure encryption and one that you can effortlessly connect to the broker’s support desk.

Which broker offers the best trading strategy guides?

All reputable brokers offer trading strategy guides to assist beginners in their quest to learn about the markets and take their investments to the next level. For instance, CCTrader offers a guide on investment strategy, which points out the risk to return on a range of banking products, shares, bonds, funds, real estate and collectables.

The trading guide offered by Pepperstone emphasises on tips to improve the performance of EAs, five common trading mistakes to avoid and reasons for traders to choose scalping. Likewise, you can check out the scores of guides and trading tips at

Which brokers allow mt4 and mt5 demo accounts?

CFD brokers offer prospective clients demo accounts to test their trading platforms across computers and mobile devices. While some of them offer only the proprietary trading terminal, a vast majority offer a combination of the patented and the MT4/MT5 platforms.

However, you can only find a few who have listed both MT4 and MT5 for demo accounts. Here are a few of them: Hotforex, IC Markets, XM, Pepperstone, Admiral Markets.

Which broker has the best online trading academy?

When it comes to offering a free online trading academy that covers the length and breadth of the financial markets, few brokers successfully fit the bill. Among them is Degiro and Interactive Brokers.

Degiro’s Investor’s Academy covers a range of topics for all kinds of investors, financial instruments and products, fees, price discovery, risk and how to spread them.

The Interactive Brokers Trading Academy, on the other hand, has 49 courses for beginners and experienced traders. These comprise investment products, portfolio and risk analysis, advisor tools, investor analysis and many more.