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crypto/14 hours ago

How will Shopify benefit from its new Crypto payments partnership?    

Hi Smith, Shopping platform Shopify has options for customers to make payments for their goods through cryptocurrencies. Among acceptable cryptos are Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin, among more than 300 other cryptos. CoinPayments To make crypto transactions more accessible and easier, Shopify has partnered with CoinPayments, a crypto payments processor. With this partnership, merchants can process over 1,800 different cryptocurrencies and reduce transaction fees. This cooperation ensures a seamless transaction process for anyone conducting business using cryptos. CoinPayments transact payments for several stable-coins, like Gemini Dollar, USD Coin, and TrueUSD. The stable-coins are more appealing to shoppers and merchants, who can…

Replied by
Lindsay RLindsay R
equities trader
crypto/15 hours ago

What is a fake trading volume in Crypto and what purpose does it serve?

Hi Jeremy, This is a great question about fake crypto trading volumes. According to research, as much as 99% of trading crypto volume is fake. This is a phony trading volume given by brokerages for their selfish reasons. As a result, this becomes a problem for people wanting to know the popular cryptocurrencies and come up with a trading strategy using data given in the market. Fake volume means the trade actually took place, but the traders were only engaging in exchanges trading all by himself to make it look like there’s liquidity.  Why the need for fake trading volumes?…

Replied by
equities trader
cfd/17 hours ago

What is the latest concerning the Italian economy? How is it FTSE MIB performing lately?  

Hi Samir, thanks for coming here. As you may expect, the Italian economy is facing enormous challenges. The government has decided to open the doors of restaurants, cafes, museums and shops this week after nearly three months of lockdown.  “One step at a time, with caution and attention, so as to avoid falling and going back. Italy will start running again,” wrote PM Conte in a column in a daily newspaper. However, the very strict hygiene and social distancing measures are still in place, which makes it difficult for businesses to operate. “Were I to open tomorrow, I wouldn’t have…

Replied by
equities trader
cfd/17 hours ago

Why is DAX pushing higher while other European indices seem to struggle?  

Hi Predrag, thanks for your question.  DAX Index has been one of the best performers recently. The German benchmark index has recorded a series of consecutive days of gains as it closes in on the key short-term support near 12000. Fundamentally, the DAX Index has been boosted by the decision of national authorities to allow travel to 31 European countries (EU member states + the UK, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein), starting from 15 June. This decision comes as a result of increased pressure on Angela Merkel to lift some restrictions. In a meeting between the federal government and regional…

Replied by
equities trader
forex/1 day ago

Hello  I dont know where to get knowleg about onlime trading and dont know about forex or other trading markets So plaease can anyone guide me how to start getting into that filed  I wish one day i could...

Hi Sero.    to get started learning about fores I would suggest checking out the website. It is helpful in educating new traders about the basics of the forex markets and understanding terminology etc. You can then look for basic trading strategies to demo (we have a several broker reviews that will tell you if the company offers a practice account).  If I were you, I would then look to start understanding basic economics or macroeconomics to understand why currencies may move in certain directions and the reasons for certain moves. There are some good books available on the…

Replied by
Sam BoughedaSam Bougheda
equities trader
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