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stocks/12 hours ago

Hi there, I would like to know what are the important trade signals for short-term traders.  

Hi Hernandez, Short-term traders often aim for small to moderate gains, taking positions that can last from seconds to several days. They focus on price action, not the long-term fundamentals of an asset. If you want to trade short term, here are four signals to guide you. Trend/Break out trading Here, you enter a trade very early as you wait for the market to break out of a range. That way, you can determine the point where the market sentiment changes, which could signal volatility and the beginning of a new trend. You then ride the new trend to the end. Reversal…

Replied by
equities trader
stocks/13 hours ago

Why did the Home Depot stock hit record highs when almost all stocks trade lower as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?  

Hi Predrag, thanks for coming here. The reason why shares of Home Depot hit record highs in the past few days is better-than-expected quarterly earnings. The retailer said its same-store sales grew 6.4% in the first quarter while revenue jumped 7.1%. However, the earnings came in below the expectations due to higher costs related to the coronavirus pandemic.  Home Depot also said that the average ticket increased 11% on the rush buying in supermarkets at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Although its physical stores suffered, Home Depot reported an increase of 79% in online sales compared to the same…

Replied by
equities trader
crypto/13 hours ago

I wanted to invest in XRP but I would like to hear your assessment of this digital coin in the first place. Where do you see XRP trading before the end of this year?  

This is a great question. There is a lot of speculation about this asset. There are many different things when looking at any asset, one can look at the charting and behaviors. If you were to follow the simple charts I agree with the reply above. If you were to look into the utility of this asset, what it’s there for, and what it does I would be very confident that you would see incredible value. Look into ripple/XRP partnerships and who uses them as well. There are a lot of things currently happening behind the scenes, like we know…

Replied by
equities trader
crypto/21 hours ago

Hi there, Can someone guide me on the top Cryptocurrency indices?

Hi Jessica. I don't know too much about the space but I know there is a crypto index traded on the toronto stock exchange I believe (could be completely wrong). I also found this on the CMC website...   Hope it helps

Replied by
Sam BoughedaSam Bougheda
equities trader
forex/21 hours ago

Hi there, I am a new investor and interested in Forex. Are there any scams in Forex I should be wary of, or is it a secure trade?  

Hey Sophia, Scammers penetrate all trades and Forex isn't spared either. The best way to identify a Forex scammer is if they guarantee a huge profit with negligible or no financial risk to you. A scammer hooks you by making an offer quite attractive. Remember that free cheese is the mousetrap. Do not fall for a fake Forex investment scam. Such a hoax involves an advert promoting phony trades in Forex investments and counterfeit investment funds in Forex. You fall for the scam when you send in your money, hoping for an investment where you sit back and enjoy huge returns.…

Replied by
equities trader
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