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Moderna Asks Investors To Be Patient, Should You Buy The Dip?

Trade MRNA Stock Your Capital Is At Risk
Updated 10 Dec 2021

Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) stock had a difficult time in Friday’s trading after a report illustrating early data from the company’s mRNA-based vaccine showed it to be no more effective than shots already on market. The report sparked a wide sell-off in early trading, with stock falling roughly 10%. 


The investor presentation wasn’t received well, as it showed antibody levels to not be as strong against all four strains of the influenza virus as Fluzone HD – manufactured by Sanofi’s. A  Moderna company executive responded with: 

“We can't make a direct comparison. We presented (Fluzone data) only as guidance”

With Covid-19 ushering in medical breakthroughs, global drugmakers are looking to utilize mRNA-based vaccines to fight other diseases like Influenza.

Following investor fears, Moderna acted swiftly in a response that blames the test population’s previous exposure to the flu strains, adding that data on the full immune response would be a more accurate indicator of the vaccine’s effectiveness. 

In a similar move in today’s market, BioNTech stock also dropped around 8% on the news – who are similarly manufacturing an mRNA-based influenza vaccine. 

MRNA stock is currently showing a daily loss of 6.7% but is still up 127% from the start of the year – price is trading at $254.18. Today’s sell-off could open up potential doors for bulls looking to snap up a lower price, MRNA is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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