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5 Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya

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Updated 28 May 2024

Because of Kenya’s expanding population, real estate is now an attractive market for investors. To help prospective purchasers navigate what may be a protracted and challenging process, real estate companies in Kenya offer crucial services.

Today’s Kenya is home to a huge number of real estate companies. This means that if you’re buying or selling real estate, you should look about for someone who has your best interests in mind. If you know which companies to contact, you can stay clear of scammers that pose as agents or brokers.

For the purpose of this article, we have gathered a list of reliable real estate companies doing business in Kenya.

Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya to buy right now

5 Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya

1. Knight Frank Kenya


Due to Knight Frank's 50 years of involvement in Africa, the eastern part of the continent, where its headquarters are located in Kenya, has emerged as a crucial region for the business's ongoing international expansion.

Knight Frank

Nairobi serves as both the capital of Kenya and of East Africa, and along with Cairo in the north, Johannesburg in the south, and Lagos in the west, it forms an axis that runs the length of the continent.

With a sound long-term strategy in place and more than 20 years of experience in the East African region, Knight Frank has grown to become the nation's top provider of both commercial and residential real estate services.

With 160 employees and a sizable income stream, Kenya is the largest operation in Africa. Additionally, the nation is currently renting out more retail space than the company's UK office.

The company, which has replicated its global business model as a multi-practice real estate consultancy, is the lead letting agent for a number of 50,000 square meter and larger malls in the area and, as a result, has about four million square feet of retail space currently available or soon to be available. This includes conducting market and feasibility studies for both residential and commercial development.

With more than five million square feet of commercial space under management, Knight Frank Kenya is the largest property manager in the area. To ensure the security of its sizable portfolio, Knight Frank Kenya recently made a significant investment in an internal property management and accounting system.

The reputation of Knight Frank, a business that has expanded quietly and systematically over the years, is undoubtedly its most valuable asset.

The establishment of a joint investor and the completion of local shareholdings will enable Rwanda to soon join Kenya's auxiliary businesses in the area, which now comprise Tanzania and Uganda.

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2. Lloyd Masika


Early on, Lloyd Masika Limited concentrated on developing a core business that was based on valuation. But as the business grew, it moved into property management and commercial and residential real estate.

Lloyd Masika Limited

Because of its leadership's dedication to a vision that is easily recognizable by both customers and staff, Lloyd Masika has experienced significant growth over the years.

The team at Lloyd Masika has consistently upheld high standards and put out significant effort to provide a service that encourages repeat business. They excel at keeping current clients satisfied, and they have developed a strong reputation as a source of referrals over time.

The two current founders of the valuation company, John Lloyd and David Masika, started it in 1979.

But the Company swiftly grew into a full-fledged real estate brokerage and property management operation, and in a short amount of time, it was acknowledged by the law.

As a result, the tiny company started hiring more owners and directors, which increased its capacity to take on more clients.

The four types of real estate management services offered by Lloyd Masika at this time are acquisition, planning, execution, and monitoring.

One may argue that the acquisition and planning phases have the most influence in terms of the many moving components needed to provide the service in question. These phases involve activities including completing inspections, developing project budgets, and determining the viability of the initiatives.

The excellent project retention track record of Lloyd Masika is a direct outcome of its careful project monitoring at every step of management. The main objective is to increase revenues for the client while staying within set bounds.

The Company has a long history of supporting the local community and economy, and it has counselled the administration on proposals to construct more than 30,000 dorm beds at five separate colleges.

As a member of the Genesis Analytics Consortium, Lloyd Masika is assisting the Kenyan government in finding housing for its numerous educational institutions. The facilities management consultant for the Consortium is Lloyd Masika.

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3. Gukayo Real Estate


Gukayo Real Estate's marketing activities are directed toward agribusiness-minded investors. You can expect to make two times as much money investing in real estate with the company.

The business will launch an agriculture endeavour on your behalf after you buy the property. When the firm's output is prepared for sale, you will have ownership of the property and will be paid when it is sold. As a result, as a client, you will eventually acquire ownership of the property and the earnings from the agricultural operation.

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4. Aziz Realtors


The option to make use of Aziz Realtors’ expert consulting services is made available to the company's customers. More than thirty years' worth of experience is collectively held by the members of the organization's personnel as well as its directors.

The organization has mastered every subfield that is connected to the real estate market thanks to the extensive training it has received. This service encompasses the purchasing, selling, leasing out, and maintenance of residential properties, among other responsibilities.

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5. Dinara Developers


The Dinara Developers have made a name for themselves in the business as one of the most reliable and cost-effective providers of homes now available. Before putting enormous swaths of land available for sale, Dinara developers first purchase expansive tracts of land, which are then subdivided into smaller lots and offered for sale.

Dinara Developers

Several value-adding processes, such as the installation of water and power lines, are carried out on the plots before they are offered for sale to customers. These processes take place before the plots are made available for purchase.

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