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Shares certificates explained for Kenya

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Updated 29 May 2024

For shareholders, the share certificate is the definitive proof of their ownership stake in a company. Certificates representing shares in the company must be issued to stockholders after incorporation, when the company has received funds.


Shares certificates explained for Kenya

When additional shares are issued or existing shares are transferred, new share certificates are issued by the company.

Here, we take a deep dive into shares certificates to reveal everything Kenyan traders need to know.

How shares certificates work

A share certificate was once the only proof of dividend ownership. The dividend certificate's processing cost was noted on its back. Details on dividend bills were published in the publication.

The certificate is given to the buyer when the company issues shares on the market. Stock certificates serve as proof of acquisition and ownership of shares of stock. As of the record date shown herein, the undersigned is the registered owner of the shares.

Certificates representing a shareholder's ownership interest are typically issued. In some circumstances, shareholders holding the appropriate certificates are able to cast votes for the shares of other shareholders.

Furthermore, stockholders without certificates may vote on behalf of others.

It is the responsibility of the board of directors to allocate stock. A group known as the allocation committee is formed by the board of directors. How many shares each person receives is decided by the allocation committee.

The report filed by the allotment committee on the distribution of shares has been approved by the board of directors. As a result, it establishes how many shares each eligible applicant receives.

Once the allocation committee has assigned shares to members, the company secretary will send out allotment letters. In this letter, the applicant is informed that they have been granted a certain number of shares.

Before the final certificate is issued, this transfer letter will operate as a share certificate.

After receiving an application list and an assignment form, the academic society secretary produces a list of members. Shareholder information is available from the membership list.

Shares certificates Kenya

The secretary of the corporation is in charge of updating the share certificate to reflect the updated corporate structure.

The relevant statute necessitates that the secretary have a printed form with all needed information. The stock certificate is filled out by the secretary using data provided in the application and allocation forms.

The stock certificate requires the signatures of two company directors, which the secretary must confirm. An additional signature on the stock certificate from the secretary is required.

The secretary must also ensure that all stock certificates have valid company and tax stamps. The board of directors will hold a meeting to authorise the stock certificates after the issuance process.

The secretary will notify the stockholders when the stock certificate and bank receipt proving reward payment are ready. The progress of the same must be communicated to all members.

Members who provide an affidavit will have their records request sent via registered mail. Shareholders in the area might also collect their certificates from the company's main office or the designated office for certificate shipments.


The advantages of obtaining shares certificates

With shares certificates, you can count on a steady and reliable rate of return. When you know how quickly your balance increases, budgeting is much less of a hassle.

The shares certificate represents a safe investment with high potential for growth over time. Think about how much time you have available and how much money you could make before making a decision.

The dividend or profit that could be received from a shares certificate is indicated by the annual rate of return. This rate takes into account the interval between revenue credits as well as the time over which interest is compounded.

Since the certificate holder is limited in how they can use the money, the certificate is more valuable to the bank than a standard savings account.

Therefore, the interest rate on the certificate is more important than it would be on a standard savings account. As a result, this strategy might help you get a better ROI.

The disadvantages of shares certificates

Companies who must issue shares certificates may see the financial and time constraints as the two most significant obstacles. To begin, it is both expensive and time-consuming to print physical stock certificates.

Shares certificates explained Kenya

Certificate holders have less access to their money than people who use traditional savings accounts. If you need to remove money from a CD before it matures, you will be subject to a penalty for doing so. This penalty may reduce the amount of interest accrued or even reduce the principal owed.

If you cash in a stock certificate before it has matured, you will be charged a penalty. According to the conditions of your account, it could be considered a gain.


Final Thoughts

A share certificate is a document that is signed on behalf of a corporation and attests to the ownership of a particular number of shares in that company. This document is also known as a stock certificate. Certificates of ownership can also be referred to by the term stock certificates.

Voting rights are spelled forth in both the company charter and the applicable laws governing businesses. In the case that the original stock certificate is misplaced, stolen, or destroyed, a replacement stock certificate will be issued for the same number of shares as the original.

If something like this happens, shareholders have a responsibility to bring the ripped copy back to the corporation before receiving a new copy. In addition, stockholders have the opportunity to exercise their choice to either issue a single certificate or separate certificates till the current time.

Shareholders who physically possess their share certificates have a greater amount of voting power than those who do not. In a similar spirit, investors who do not have a certificate would be allowed to vote for shares that belong to other people.

Share certificates are not without their advantages and disadvantages. Consider the following scenario: you have the financial means to invest and are interested in receiving significant dividends (the portion of the monthly profits of the company that is allocated to shareholders). If such is the case, you need to look into the possibility of buying stock certificates.

A certificate of deposit, or “CD,” account performs functions that are analogous to those of a stock certificate brokerage account. However, rather than being issued by a bank, it is issued by a credit union.

A stock certificate is an excellent investment vehicle for accumulating a nest egg and generating dividend income. There is a fee assessed for early withdrawal, but the interest rate offered is certain to be higher than that offered by any competing option.

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